Angelic Unemployment Line

A joint article by Mark Virkler and Charity Virkler Kayembe

Are you looking for a way to get through to your unsaved friend or child or parent, but there seems to be a spiritual block as they just don’t see, hear or respond? Well, there probably is a spiritual wall there, and you can impact it through binding and loosing, partnering with the company of heaven.

“Binding” is tying up demonic forces and “loosing” is commissioning angelic forces and releasing the Holy Spirit to convict one’s heart. God always leads us in this process.



How to “Employ” Angels – Charity Kayembe

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definitions for the word “employ” include: to engage the services of; to provide with a job; and to direct toward a particular activity or person. These are all things we want to do as we partner with the company of Heaven. We know angels are ministering spirits sent to serve and assist us who inherit salvation (Heb. 1:14). In order for them to fully minister to us, in order for angels to thoroughly serve and assist us, they need to be given assignments. They are waiting for us to give them work to do!

Scripture explains that angels obey the word of the Lord and it is their delight to do His will (Ps. 103:20-21). They listen when we speak God’s word and pray Scriptural promises. When God speaks in our hearts what He wants done and we give voice to that, angels listen and are moved to action too. Gabriel told Daniel, “I have come because of your words” (Dan. 10:12). By coming into agreement with God and His word, we are activating angels’ standing orders so they are released to accomplish Father’s plan.

Matthew 16:18-19 speaks to this understanding of divine initiative and I appreciate how the Amplified Bible Classic Edition brings out the original meaning of the Greek:

“I will build My church, and the gates of Hades (the powers of the infernal region) shall not overpower it [or be strong to its detriment or hold out against it]. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind (declare to be improper and unlawful) on earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you loose (declare lawful) on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven.”

We look into the spirit to see what Jesus is up to and what Father has planned, and then we agree with that. We aren’t just making things up as we go along; we’re modeling the example of heaven. Sickness and sin are bound in heaven, so we bind them here. Angels and holiness are loosed in heaven, so we loose them here.


Unemployment Line

In our book, Everyday Angels, we share about how my co-author Joe has seen multitudes of angels restlessly milling about, not doing anything at all. When he inquired of the Lord, He explained there’s a bit of an “unemployment line” for angels in the heavenlies, as none of His kids are giving them any work to do.

Many other leaders in the Body of Christ have testified to seeing the same. In his book Heaven’s Host, prophetic minister Bobby Connor writes,

“Once my eyes were opened and I could see into the heavens, where I saw untold thousands of angels. They appeared to be bored, so I asked, “Lord, why are they bored?”

“Because the saints of God have not activated them into action,” He said.

Jamie Galloway, in his book, Secrets of the Seer, shares the same experience:

“I kept seeing angels that were sitting around not doing anything. I did not know what to make of this, and I began to wonder if certain angels were just lazy! It kept happening—when I saw them, they looked bored, like they were in need of something to do!

“I asked the Holy Spirit, and He spoke to my heart: “These are unemployed angels. They are waiting for a job.” I responded, “Are You going to give them one?” He spoke back: “I have given My children stewardship over My works on the earth…”

Bored, lazy and restless are not words we want describing our heavenly armies! This is why we must partner with them and with God by activating their marching orders, releasing them to accomplish His assignments for them. Dad shares how the Lord taught him he must commission his guardian angel, and what happens when he does, in his revealing blog post here.


Dual Signature Check

The heavens are the Lord’s, but the earth He has given to the sons of men (Ps. 115:16). It is our responsibility to make earth look like Heaven, and one strategic way we do this is by employing the ministry of angels. Because God has delegated His authority to us, in some ways the angels’ hands are tied if we do not enlist their services and agree with God’s work orders for them.

I picture it like a dual signature check. God has written a check and signed it. Through Christ, He has already made all the resources, provision and protection of Heaven available. However, it is a dual signature check. We, as the Body of Christ and His designated ambassadors on this earth, must also sign that check in order for it to be validated. In order for those heavenly resources and angelic assistance to be released, we must agree and “sign off” on it as well.

We see this principle in the book of Revelation. Father intends for Jesus to come. But it’s not enough just for Holy Spirit to say, “Come”. What does Scripture reveal? The Spirit and the Bride say “Come” (Rev. 22:16-17). There must be an agreement between Heaven and earth. We, as the Bride of Christ, listen to what Holy Spirit is saying and we echo that. We see what Father is doing and what He is loosing and we do the same. Just like Jesus, we don’t do anything on our own initiative, but we seek the things above, set our mind on the spirit, look at the unseen and live to that. We model it and by doing so, we partner with God in bringing Heaven to earth.


Example of God’s Leading – Mark Virkler

I was dealing with a rebellious runaway teenage girl who was living in our home, and I needed to get through to her. I saw rebellion, but when I journaled, God said, it was insecurity in her heart from feeling unloved, and the rebellion was simply a facade to protect her insecurities. Rather than dealing with her protective wall of rebellion, she needed to experience love and understanding. So rather than confronting her and laying down the law, I deepened my relationship with her. And rather than binding the demon of rebellion, I bound the demons of rejection, fear and loss. After all, she felt rejected by her parents.  The Lord leads in what we bind and what we loose.

So you see, I do need the Lord’s leading before I go about binding things. I need to hear what He is doing and what He wants done, meaning, I need to be led by His Spirit (Rom. 8:14). Then the Spirit will tell me what to bind and what to loose.



For example, if a loved one is unresponsive to the gospel, I would ask the Lord, “Are there any demons operating in their life that You would have me bind now in Jesus’ name?”  If He says, “Yes, there are demons of anger, hatred and bitterness which are blocking them and making them unable to come to My table,” then I would address the demons out loud or using my intention and say “I bind these demons of anger, hatred and bitterness and command them to cease operating in Jesus’ name.”

That is going to tie them up for a period of time so the person is able to make wiser decisions, not being influenced by those demons. Binding doesn’t cast them out because the person needs to be willing and ready for the demons to leave in order to cast them out and keep them out. Otherwise seven worse demons come back (Matt. 12:45). I am likely to bind these demons daily until they have come to Christ and are ready to receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38). This powerful vision offers a glimpse into the spirit realm to see what happens when we pray.



Charity has written on how to partner with Heaven in loosing angels of protection. We release the Holy Spirit and angels to move freely and we assign the angels activities as we sense a leading to do so by the Spirit. Angels can protect, warn, rescue, and enlighten, along with many other things.

The Holy Spirit can convict of sin, righteousness and judgment (Jn. 16:8).

So whenever I bind demons, I always loose heavenly angels and the Holy Spirit to move mightily in the person’s life. I would sure do this daily for a loved one who was not yet submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ. These prayers are powerful! They release a loved one temporarily from satan’s grasp as they strengthen them with the Holy Spirit and by His holy angels.


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