Angels: My Personal Hegais

I love hearing from readers about how God is using these teachings in their lives! This week I was blessed to get the following email from Cassie…

“Wow! A friend bought me your book Everyday Angels, and it is amazing me! The Lord has really been growing me in this area and I’m excited to walk in to more! He had me studying Esther the first couple weeks of December, specifically her preparation before going to the king. He spoke so much to me about just those few verses.

I was just reading Chapter 5, and realized it made perfect sense about the angels knowing Jesus better, and immediately I prayed and asked the Lord for a “personal Hegai”. Then I turned the page, and there was the very thing I had studied, believed, and just prayed for staring me in the face!! I’m completely wrecked! Thank you!!”

Awesome! It’s always exciting to see God confirming His revelation in such meaningful ways. In case you haven’t read it yet, I’ll include the book excerpt Cassie is referring to below… Enjoy!

In a Multitude of Counselors

We know that angels are here to help us, so what are some of the ways my angels assist me and how is it different from the Lord’s own personal intervention? After all, I am a daughter of God! What do they know that I don’t, and how did they find it out anyway?

One reason angels know more than we do is because they have been around a lot longer. They have seen more, so they understand how things work. For example, they are obviously familiar with the enemy’s tactics. They also know more about heaven and our heavenly Father. They have been watching and learning from Father and Jesus and Holy Spirit for (almost) forever. I just showed up a few decades ago; my angels have been serving Father for millennia. They know what blesses Him more than I do. They know what Jesus likes better than I do.

When Esther prepared to spend her night with the king, she talked with Hegai, the king’s eunuch. All the maidens could choose anything they wanted for the evening, but Esther recognized that Hegai knew the king much better than she did, so she asked for his recommendation. She followed his advice, and as a result, she found favor (see Esther 2:15).

Similarly, we are betrothed to Christ and want to bless, love and serve Jesus and Father in ways they appreciate most. What’s best for them? How do they like to be worshiped? What do they enjoy hearing whispered in their ears from the lips of their children? What makes them laugh and brings them the most pleasure?

Loving Love Himself

Since angels have been observing various acts of service and worship expressed from millions of God’s children down through the ages, they have more insight than we do. So in a way, angels can be our own personal Hegais, advising us on how best to serve our King. They know more than we do simply because they have been around longer, spent more time with Him than we have, and have seen His relationships play out over and over again.

I threw my husband Leo a surprise party shortly after we were married, and I wanted it to be extra special. So unbeknownst to him, I talked with his family, who had known him all his life. That way I could get everything perfect and exactly how he would want it to be.

And so it is with Jesus.

We want to love Him in His love language. And while the irony of trying to “surprise” an omniscient God is not lost on me, I still think He appreciates the gesture. He says we captivate His heart with a single glance of our eyes (see Song of Solomon 4:9). When He feels that much for us, how can we not give Him our best love in return?

This is one way that interacting with angels is still ultimately about Jesus. We do not interact with angels for angels’ sake. They would never stand for that! They always defer to God. Always talk about Jesus. Always and only have His interests and work at heart. The reason that I am my angels’ whole world is because I am their assignment. They bless Father by taking care of me because that is what He’s asked of them. They do it perfectly and faithfully and happily, because they love Jesus and live to serve and honor Him.

Angels can help us be better children of God, better friends of Holy Spirit, and better lovers of Jesus… what could be better than that?



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