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We are always excited to hear how God meets people in their dreams and I want to encourage you with this testimony we just received from a dear pastor in Hastings, New Zealand where I taught earlier this year…

Direction and downloads through dreams

Dreams have been a major part of our life and God has spoken to us about every major change in our life through dreams. Every time we have been at a crossroad wondering which direction to take, He has spoken to us through dreams. Our 18-year-old daughter Jeriel who is a singer and songwriter quite often receives lyrics, melody and music through her dreams.

Upon hosting you in April we found that you had the most detailed teaching on dream interpretation we have ever come across. Your personality and style of presentation were simple and easy to understand. Everything you taught was backed up with Scriptures.

Supernatural floodgate opened

After your visit, it was like a floodgate of the supernatural has been opened in our congregation. Many more members of our congregation started having the ability to remember their dreams. Using the methods you taught, they were able to interpret their dreams and find answers to some of the pressing matters that they have been praying for or find direction in their life.

As we found that your teaching on dreams had a profound impact on our congregation, we ran a follow up Dreams Lab, meeting once a week over 8 weeks where the attendees got an opportunity to practice the keys they had learnt.

Charity, your teaching was very relevant and life-changing for our congregation. Thank you!

Pastors Sajan Easow & Jessy Sajan
Revive Church

A seminar in your living room

I love hearing these awesome praise reports and am thrilled Pastor Sajan followed up the workshop with a Dreams Lab. They used our 10-session DVD series which is what I teach at our weekend seminars and we want to make this available to YOU so you can benefit from the Lord’s counsel through your dreams at night too!

Take advantage of the lowest price we’ve ever had during our Buy One, Get One Media Sale. Buy a set of DVDs and get one free. Buy a set of CDs and get one free. Or buy the DVDs and get the CDs free! Whatever you want to do, we want to equip and resource you with the tools you need to make sense of ALL your dreams – even the crazy ones.

Perfect for small groups and Sunday School classes beginning in September, each teaching session is approximately 25 minutes and the series includes 6 bonus interactive interpretations. Watch the first session at no cost and then use coupon code BOGOMEDIA to get your free materials sent out today.

Jeriel’s music from heaven

And speaking of media… My husband and I were so blessed to spend time with Pastors Sajan and Jessy, having the BEST Indian food ever (!) and enjoying great conversation with their beautiful family. During our worship together we sang some of Jeriel’s songs and heard the anointed music she’s received from God through her dreams. You can listen in too and check out her new album just released this month on her website: My favorite track is Living for You – the acoustic version.

Jeriel and Charity

It’s so amazing to see what kind of creative inspiration and revelation we can receive when we honor our dreams for what they truly are – downloads from heaven. Yay God and yay Jeriel!

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