CBN Interview & Ministry Update

What a wonderful month of ministry! I have just completed teaching a four-week Zoom course on dream interpretation with Freedom House Ministries in Chicago. The students were wonderfully engaged and became equipped in interpretation, realizing how they are their own best interpreters and fully qualified to understand their dreams for themselves.

I was also blessed to teach at Mount Mercy Academy, a beautiful Catholic school for girls right here in Western New York. First, I shared in the Advent Service for the staff and student body about angels in the Christmas story.

You can’t read the Gospel passages about the birth of Jesus without tripping over an angelic encounter! And since the Bible is written as an example for us, showing us how God intends the sacred supernatural realm to be part of our world, it was exciting to realize how much Father wants angelic encounter to be part of our everyday lives, too.

Not wanting to settle for just talking about angels, but also actually meet some for ourselves (!), I then taught some practical steps for seeing in the spirit and conducted visionary activations for the students in their classes. My good friend, and Campus Minister Krystena Nightingale, graciously opened up her classroom for the day, and the girls were able to meet with Jesus during our meditations, have Him introduce them to their guardian angels, and begin learning how they assist with their education, personal lives, and everything else they’ve got going on. So awesome!

Thank You, Father, for Your ministering spirits sent to serve and assist those who inherit salvation (Heb. 1:14)!


CBN News

It was an honor to be interviewed by CBN News this past month as well. We talked about our Hearing God Through Your Dreams book, as well as our new interpretation app, Dream Keys.

The hosts were lovely and asked excellent questions. We touched on several topics including recurring dreams, scary dreams, and how to improve dream recall. It was short and sweet and you can see it for yourself on their website here.

We also had an in-depth Q&A discussing all things dreams and I invite you to read that full article on CBN News as well.



Worldwide Video Event

I trust the CBN interview will get you excited about the topic of our free worldwide video event happening this month. I am thrilled we are equipping you to become your own master interpreter!

From December 7 – 14th, we are providing all 10 teaching sessions, plus 6 interactive interpretation sessions on one of our most popular series, Hearing God Through Your Dreams. Discover the strong scriptural foundation of dream work and the key questions to ask in order to easily decode your own visions of the night. They’re not silly or strange, they’re just symbolic! And their message is sacred.

Understand how to remember your dreams, know the key questions to ask to make sense of your dreams, and easily determine what the symbols in your dreams represent. You will learn all this, and so much more!

And if you’re still not sure dreams are really that important, check out this Christmas blog. Here we explore why Joseph was chosen to be the earthly father of Jesus… and I guarantee it’s not what you think!

Discover why YOU are the most qualified expert on decoding your dreams, and receive God’s revelation through your visions of the night, every single night.

Access to this valuable training is being offered at no cost, but only for a very limited time. Register today and let your friends know too. Together you can learn how to easily remember your dreams and receive God’s “love notes” to you nightly. What a gift!

Get all the details and register for free today!


Zoom Coaching with Mark & Charity

My Dad and I are doing a 90-minute session of group coaching on Christian Dream Interpretation Thursday, December 15th from 7:30 – 9:00PM EST. It will be a time of open sharing, Q & A. You may register here for $19.95 for this session and come with any questions you have. We’d love to have you join us!


Christmas Sale

Bless your friends this Christmas with a USB drive loaded with one of our Spirit Life training courses (about $300 worth of materials on each USB), on sale now for only $50! Each USB has all the training materials for one of our unique Spirit Life topics, including:

  1. Dream Mastery – Simple steps to interpreting your dreams
  2. Unleashing Healing Power – Simple steps to releasing health through Kingdom emotions
  3. Everyday Angels – Simple steps to experiencing angels
  4. EFT for Christians – Simple steps to tapping into emotional freedom

These small USB drives are perfect gifts for friends and family that live at a distance. Just put them in your Christmas card – no wrapping, no standing in line at the UPS store to send them, no expensive postage, and a truly life-changing gift that lasts!

You are also invited to take advantage of our Christmas Sale going on now through December 25th. Just use coupon code CHRISTMAS25 to receive 25% off everything else in our store – including ebookspackages, and digital downloads.

May you have a blessed and beautiful Christmas season overflowing with His presence!

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