Dancing with Angels – A Workshop Testimony

We had an AMAZING time at our first Everyday Angels Workshop! We started by providing a strong biblical basis for angelic interaction. We looked at how angels are referred to as “sons of God” in Scripture and how closely God identifies Himself with these mighty warriors when He calls Himself the Lord of Hosts. After understanding that God not only gives us permission, but actively wants us to get to know and partner with His company of Heaven, we had our time of angelic activation.

I led us into a visionary encounter and almost everyone raised their hands confirming they met with Jesus and He introduced them to the angels with them. We are excited to begin sharing some of these awesome stories with you, and you can watch one fun testimony right here!

Not Just for Church

I was also so blessed to see this testimony on our Facebook page confirming this newly-found awareness of the angelic realm wasn’t just for our meetings together, but a skill and sensitivity that can be developed and taken home with you. Jami writes…

“I just had to leave a testimony from the Angels seminar! I still don’t know who they are, but I keep feeling their presence everywhere, and I love it! It’s so heavy, the presence of them. God revealed to me my angels’ features but hasn’t yet shown me their faces. Now I am aware of them everywhere I go!

I just moved into a new apartment and stayed the night there alone on the floor in the living room and was inviting the angels to be with me. Then I woke up In the middle of the night from a dream, and the dream was basically symbolizing old things passing away, new things coming, and the heavy presence in each room of angels, oh man, it just made my heart melt and feel so LOVED! It was like the angels were saying, ‘Jesus loves you so much!!!'”


Now It’s Your Turn!

We have just added a brand new angelic activation to our website! This is very similar to what our workshop participants experienced and we’re thrilled to offer it to you wherever you are in the world. Please let us know your experiences with the meditation, and if you want to record a 1-2 minute video testimony on your phone to encourage others with what you’re seeing and hearing in the spirit realm, we’d love to post that too. Click here to experience it for yourself right now!

Free Video: Angel Introductions

If you want to learn more
 about how to engage your own heavenly guardians, check out all of our brand new resources. We have advance copies of the book with BIG introductory sales and free bonuses going on now because we want to resource and equip YOU to step into the sacred supernatural for yourself.

And if you’re in the Midwest, definitely come on out for our next Everyday Angels Workshop in September. We’d love to have you join us in person… and your testimony can be next!

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