Down Under Diaries – Final Trip Report

We have just returned to New York and are incredibly blessed by all God has done over the past two months of ministry. We continue to receive testimonies from those who joined us at the events Down Under and I can’t keep all these encouraging stories to myself!

What God’s Doing Through Dreams

  • Julie writes: “I wanted to write to say a big thank you for visiting my church in February. I was only able to attend one session but it has had such an impact on me. I learnt so much and am finally able to understand (most of the time!) what God is saying to me through my dreams. I have been going through a rough patch for the last 6 months and feeling as though I can’t hear God’s voice. Now that I can understand my dreams, I hear from Him most nights. It has encouraged me so much and has been significant in my heart becoming more healed. My husband and I want to thank you so much for coming to Australia, for using your gift of communication and sharing the revelation He has given you. We have been truly blessed.”
  • Cecelia shares: “We received so much from your ministry, the way you are able to open things up and bring revelation and light upon something. God certainly has put an anointing on your life to open up the realm of dreams for people. Since the seminar people who thought they didn’t dream are now dreaming!
  • Angie says: “You have such an important message! You did a fantastic job of communicating about a subject that can seem a bit mystical and scary, and I have learnt so much. I feel so many of us are desperate to hear from the Lord, and this is what you are offering. Your teaching has totally changed my life and my walk with the Lord.”

Praise God for His faithfulness to His Word. In Numbers 12:6 He promised He would speak to us in dreams – and He is. To every single one of us, every single night. Thank You, Father, for Your contingency plan of dreams!

Aussie Adventures

With most of our seminars scheduled for weekends and mid-week evening services, that left weekdays free for exploring, and our hosts did not disappoint! I love going where I’ve never been, and I’d never been to New Zealand before. I also love seeing places through the eyes of a local. They always know the prettiest views for a sunset or the best places to eat.

Trying different foods and enjoying new experiences was a wonderful bonus to our time of ministry and we were so blessed by the hospitality and generosity of all the new friends we made at churches along the way. For example, March found us in Sydney where we were able to visit Hillsong Church and even try some surfing at Bondi Beach. For those of you who’ve heard me teach about the similarities between our dream interpretation seminar and surf camp, you know I need to practice whenever I can!

Kiwi Connections

Then over the past few weeks in April we’ve been falling in love with the beautiful country of New Zealand. One amazing God “coincidence” is that Herman Riffel had actually taught in the Southland back in the 80’s at Invercargill Christian Centre (ICC).

Charity Kayembe ICC Pastors Dayle and Ian Wright were youth leaders there back then, and were excited to read the introduction of our dreams book learning where it all began. Many of you know that it was Herman Riffel who first introduced Dad to dream interpretation, and then Dad taught it to me when I was a little girl. We all felt like the message was coming full circle now that I was back in the same church that Herman had ministered in all those years ago. Here’s to Dream Work 3.0!

It was a real treat too, that the last week afforded us the opportunity of meeting not one, but two, of our current Christian Leadership University students!

Deborah Given and Pastor Mike Weitenberg both honored us by hosting two dream interpretation workshops on the North Island. It was a blessing to meet them in person as well as spend a bit of time with their lovely families.


Pastor Mike had originally connected with CWG Ministries and 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice back in 1990 when he was attending Bible school in Brisbane, Australia where Dad was one of the speakers who came to teach. He is one of several people who told me they had learned journaling through that teaching tour decades ago and that it was still impacting their walk with the Lord today. Praise God for lasting fruit!


I taught Monday through Wednesday evenings and Mike and his wife Cherie took great care of us showing us all around their city that week. In fact, after hearing me share one of my dream illustrations of rock climbing, where God spoke to me about Leo and his fearlessness, Mike gave us a bit of a challenge:

“Hey, since you guys are so fearless, do you want to try Sky Jump? It’s the thing to do here in Auckland!”

Jump off the edge of the Sky Tower, a building fifty-two stories high, just attached to a wire? Come on, what’s not to love? We readily agreed and were thrilled the weather cooperated before we had to fly home on Friday. On the way to the airport, we had our jump. In fact, they secured a GoPro camera to my wrist so you can check out the 2-minute video for yourself if you’d like!

As you can see, it was definitely a perfect ending to a fabulous trip filled with ministry, fun, and most of all God moments wherever we went. We had such a wonderful time sharing life and laughter with everyone we met and are so grateful for the opportunity to connect with more of our brothers and sisters Down Under.

Thank you again for sharing your world with us. We love you and hope to see you again soon!

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