Down Under Diaries: Kiwi Tour Expanded

New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia

We have had an amazing time ministering in churches throughout Southeast Australia. About the same size as America, Australia is divided into only seven large states, and we have now visited five of them. It’s been a great adventure and we are so blessed by the love, honor and hospitality we receive everywhere we go.

It’s been humbling to hear the distances people have traveled to come and learn how to hear from heaven nightly. Many have driven two, three and four hours for our events, and one couple traveled ten hours to attend our seminar in Byron Bay! Gratefully, they’ve assured me it was definitely worth the trip as they immediately began making sense of their dreams and hearing the Lord’s voice through their visions of the night.

It is such a privilege to share God’s message of intimacy through dreams with such hungry hearts, and over and over again people are testifying about the revelatory downloads they are receiving during the sessions. Many have shared that as they were listening to me speak, all of a sudden a dream message clicked and they understood what the Lord had been saying through a dream. Yay GOD.

Not Just for Adults

kangarooI was thrilled when Suzanne, the children’s pastor in Bordertown, brought the young people in for one of my sessions and then later did dream activations with them using the DAESI method. The kids were excited and loved it and best of all received AWESOME revelation through their dreams.

When I shared the different ways people in our dreams can represent something else symbolically – perhaps through their name – the lightbulb went on for one 16-year-old girl. She’d had a recurring dream whenever she sinned that she was being nailed to a cross, but her girlfriend would always come and help take her down off the cross.

She realized during our session together that it was her friend’s name that unlocked the dream message – her girlfriend’s name was Grace! She realized then how God was comforting her through her dreams even after her disobedience, reassuring her heart that His grace is always sufficient because He has already taken the punishment for our sins upon Himself. Hallelujah!

Making New Friends

We also had a wonderful time of ministry in Melbourne doing mid-week meetings each night for three nights. That left the days free for a bit of sightseeing and our lovely host, Sandy, took excellent care of us. Our favorite adventure was visiting the Wildlife Reserve on Philip Island where we could wander among the kangaroos and actually feed them right out of our hand. We loved seeing the Mama Roos with Baby Joeys in their pouches. As you can see, we had a really fun time!

Kiwi Tour Expanded

Looking ahead next up is New Zealand and we so appreciate Mark and Miriam Holloway of The Freedom Assignment who have coordinated our itinerary there. We will be ministering at thirteen locations on both the North and South Islands and you can find our updated schedule here. If we’re going to be in your area we would love to have you join us. We look forward to seeing you then!

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