Down Under Diaries – Queensland

We’ve had a wonderful time in Australia so far and are excited that we’ve only just begun. I started by teaching on the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice at Access Church’s School of Ministry near Brisbane, and then we moved into hearing God’s voice through our dreams at night as well. I shared how the Lord uses vision and His rhema words in our hearts in inner healing, and as we used the Sea of Galilee visionary prayer there were testimonies of breakthrough from painful memories of the past during these quiet meditations together. Hallelujah!

couplesThe pastors of Access Church are our twins, as Nicole is from Australia and her husband Charles is from the same city in Zambia as my husband Leo. What a small world! They do incredible outreach in Africa through their Kingdom Resource Network and everything I taught their SOM students they are going to take to Zambia and Malawi this summer and teach their network of pastors there. Awesome discipleship strategy and it is an honor to be a part of it.

After a week of ministry with Charles and Nicole we had a couple days free and enjoyed some of God’s incredible handiwork at the Great Barrier Reef.

God really showed off! We were so blessed by the beautiful coral, colorful fish and an amazing 15-minute underwater encounter watching a HUGE turtle (200+ lbs) hanging out in his habitat. Wow!


It’s pretty cool b20170214_125834ecause from above the water you can’t tell all the life teeming below. You have to look underwater and then you see another whole world just beneath the surface. It reminds me of looking into the supernatural realm, just below the surface of this physical realm, another whole world is full of life just waiting to be explored.

I love the spiritual principles and lessons we can learn from God’s glory displayed in nature!

My husband Leo has been under the weather and not feeling very well this week, so extra prayer for him to rebound quickly to complete health and perfect strength are greatly appreciated. Thankfully I’ve stayed strong and healthy and am ready for our next leg of ministry. Tomorrow (Friday) I begin teaching at Phil Mason’s church until Sunday evening. Monday morning we fly to Melbourne and I’ll be teaching Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at Catch the Fire. Thursday we take an 8-hour train ride to our next church and I’ll be speaking there Friday through Sunday on both dream interpretation as well as partnering with the angelic.

Thank you so much for your intercessory support, especially as we move into the next 10 days of ministry. I know it will be full and blessed and I will continue to update you with praise reports of God’s faithfulness. You are a huge part of the ministry here and He is answering your prayers!


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