Down Under

I am so excited about the doors God has opened to spread His message of intimacy through dreams far and wide.

The invitation

Last summer I received an email from the pastor of a church in Queensland saying, “We have been reading your blogs all the way over in Australia and we’d like to invite you to teach at our School of Ministry, imparting the revelation of hearing from heaven to our students.” Praise GOD. What an opportunity!

We then contacted several churches where my Dad, Mark Virkler, had ministered on the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and shared how we now have a brand new follow-up message to that foundational teaching. Dad equips you to hear from God all day long, and I equip you to hear from God all night long through your dreams.

We have been so blessed by the support of key leaders in that country, and the initial week-long invitation has now grown into a 10-week tour to over a dozen cities in two nations. We’re thrilled with what the Lord has done!

The tour

My husband Leo will be joining me as we visit most of the Australian states and then head over to New Zealand. I’ll be teaching in churches as well as a YWAM mission base, ministering in the southernmost part of New Zealand and then driving all the way up to the top of the North Island. We are thankful for our friends, the Holloways, who have coordinated the Kiwi portion of our tour and will be ministering with us, and we are extraordinarily grateful for God’s favor on this message.

Indeed, hearing from heaven at night through our dreams is HIS message. The Lord wants His beloved children to receive His words of encouragement, counsel, direction and comfort through their visions of the night, and He is seeing to it that this teaching is quickly going to the very ends of the earth.

You can find our ministry itinerary on this page of my website and we would so appreciate your prayer support covering this trip. We are praying for God’s anointing to rest upon the teaching and His Spirit’s presence to touch each person we meet. May every single one receive heavenly downloads in the night and heart understanding and revelation of the messages God is speaking through their dreams.

We take off this weekend, so the countdown has officially begun. I have already received messages from some of you letting me know you’ll be coming to the conferences, and if you live nearby an event I hope you’ll join us as well! It’s always a pleasure putting a face with the emails, and I would love to meet you in person.

Divine precedent

It’s amazing… In 1989, when my dad was in his thirties, he launched Communion with God Ministries. His first ministry tour was for two months, and it was, of all possible places in the world, Down Under. Now twenty-some years later, I am in my thirties, and just beginning to launch my own ministry. And of all the nations in all the world, God is sending me Down Under – for two months, no less. Wow!

Or course we know there are no coincidences and that the Lord has orchestrated every aspect of this ministry trip. We can’t wait to see all He will do over the next few months! Thank you for joining with us through your anointed intercession. You are going with us in Spirit and are a huge part of the ministry and fruit it will bear.

We so appreciate you, and we will be sure to give you a full report of all the testimonies and amazing ways God answers your prayers. Thank you so much!

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