Dreaming of a White Christmas

We have just concluded our European Dream Tour and God truly blessed it in every way. We crisscrossed more than a dozen countries, putting thousands of kilometers on our rental car, and conducted 11 interpretation workshops in 5 nations. God’s message on dreams is resonating across the countries and cultures and it’s always so exciting to see people’s faces light up when they have the “Aha!” moment of understanding the message in their dreams. Hallelujah!


Florian, a young man in Schwäbisch Hall, had a powerful dream snapshot of prisoners and a sheriff. That doesn’t mean much to us, because it is the dreamer himself who knows the setting of the dream and what was going on in his waking life before he dreamt it. God had been speaking to Florian about sharing his faith more with his friends and He gave him a picture at night of exactly what that looks like.

His unbelieving friends are prisoners of darkness and sin. Florian is the sheriff, the one who holds the key to their freedom and has the power to help them escape. We know the “key” is Jesus, the One who brings liberty to those in bondage, and Florian experienced that scriptural truth come alive through his revelatory vision of the night. Sharing his faith is no small thing. God is showing Florian His divine perspective of the situation – God is using him to help set the captives free!


Seventy-two-year-old Horst is currently watching Dad’s videos in ISOM’s training curriculum so was excited to meet me in person in Vienna. He said that I present Father God’s character in such a compassionate way, it gives people a different perspective to see Him as so gentle and playful and fun. Who wouldn’t want to get to know that God better?

Indeed, our heavenly Father is our biggest fan and He can’t wait to encourage us. Blessing and cheering us on during the day isn’t enough for Him – that’s why He uses dreams at night to meet us too. His original intention was love, for us to love and be loved. God didn’t create employees for a corporation or soldiers for an army. He created children for a family. That is His heart and He wants the very best for us!


Leo taught on hearing God’s voice through journaling and vision in Pula as well. The church building was an old bomb shelter – check out the size of that door! Two men who attended the sessions and received awesome revelation from heaven couldn’t believe how easy it was to have a two-way conversation with God. They were both overwhelmed by the kindness of their heavenly Father’s words to them and told us, “This is too good to be true!”

Everywhere we went people testified of their new understanding on dreams and how confident and equipped they now feel to translate God’s messages to them in the night. Yes, power to the dreamer! We appreciate you and your prayer support during this extraordinary tour. God answered and we are so grateful! We’ve posted more pictures of our ministry adventures on Facebook and invite you to Like our page to stay connected through social media.

African Christmas

While we did have a taste of winter in Europe, we won’t be having snow for Christmas this year. We flew directly to Zambia to spend Christmas with Leo’s family! It’s been good to see everyone again and we’re looking forward to celebrating the holidays with them African style.

Island Tour

Looking ahead, we are excited to be ministering in Hawaii next month. We’ve just added another workshop to our itinerary so will have three events on two islands. We can’t wait to take God’s message on dreams to the South Pacific!

As this amazing year comes to a close we pray you and your family have a supernatural Christmas filled with His gifts and presence. And may 2018 be your best year yet!

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