Dreams and Physical Healing

We recently did a poll on our Facebook page asking what topics you would like to hear more about. Dream Interpretation won (!) so I’m thrilled to share with you two more testimonies of what God is doing through dreams around the world.

I received the following email from a workshop participant at Catch the Fire. It’s amazing to hear not only her story, but how her husband and his dreams were part of the journey as well. It’s so exciting to see how God continues to work in the lives of His children in miraculous ways even while they sleep!


Julie from Australia

Hi Charity, I just wanted to encourage you and say thank you again for visiting us here in Melbourne last year. I am continuing to have lots of dreams since you were here.

Not only that, but some of those dreams have been instrumental in my being healed from long term fatigue. I shared my testimony in church recently and here is the link if you would like to watch it on YouTube.


Julie’s testimony reminds me of another dramatic dream story I heard from a pastor in New Zealand. A woman in their church was very sick and actually in the hospital. While there, she dreamed that Doctor Jesus came to her and gave her some medicine. In the dream, she took the pills He gave her. When she woke up the next day, she was completely healed!


Andrea from Croatia

Hi Charity, I found out about you and your workshops about dreams few days ago. As a little girl God always connected with me through dreams but mostly I recognized God’s message through it if the dream was so emotionally powerful that bumped my heart with strong emotions… I recently had a dream that bumped my feelings to the biggest amount of fear and sadness and I asked God crying in my dream ”I don’t understand what You are trying to say to me” and He just replied ”Look around and you’ll see. Seek and you shall find.”

And then I decided to look up for Christian dreams interpreter and I bumped at your videos on YouTube when you had a visit in Croatia. That’s the country I live in…Thank you so much for clearing my vision for dreams and to let my heart meet God in a total different way. The way that is more simple and creative than I thought.

I use pictures to create art pieces to express my emotions. It’s funny how I was a best friend with pictures and symbols but I never learned how to interpret my pictures and symbols from my dreams. Yesterday I also managed to clear God’s message through my dream but not fluently. It’s a skill that I need to practice as you said but I love God even more and more every single day I wake up. 🙂


Latest Radio Interview

It’s so good to hear how Andrea is beginning to translate the language God speaks at night. And she’s absolutely right: the more she practices, the easier it will become!

If you need a refresher on how to make sense of your dreams, you’re welcome to check out our latest interview. I just had a wonderful time with Bill and Sandi Griffin on Healing Word Radio. We discussed how God speaks to us while we sleep and simple ways to decode His sacred messages even in our “silly” and symbolic dreams. We also answered the ever-popular question of how to remember more dreams and shared lots of tips for improving dream recall. It was fun and we invite you to listen in. Enjoy!

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