Easter Morning Visionary EFT Technique

Sherrie Rice Smith, R.N. (Retired)

Certified EFT Practitioner/ Trainer, Author of EFT for Christians & EFT for Christians – Tapping into God's Peace & Joy

These techniques or visualizations are to be used AFTER all negative emotions have been neutralized or eliminated from a negative memory or an event with the application of Christian EFT.

Positive affirmations or visualizations most often do not to stick without first eliminating all the negative thinking and feelings that lie underneath. Since our habits and thinking are run by 97% or more by our subconscious mind, our conscious or thinking mind doesn’t have the power or stamina to change the overpowering subconscious mind without tapping and prayer.

This is a God honoring way to use Christian visualization to “imprint” a Godly image on the subconscious, giving your thinking mind a boost toward allowing God to deal with and to handle the emotions that have held you captive most of your life.

Picture a beautiful warm, sunny Easter morning just outside Jerusalem and you are right there beside Jesus’ empty tomb.

The women have already discovered that Jesus has risen from the dead, and they are on their way back into Jerusalem to tell the other disciples.

Stand there and stare at that empty tomb. Allow the colors and smells penetrate into every cell of your body. The grave cloths are discarded on the inside slab where Jesus was laid late Good Friday afternoon. That huge round stone is rolled to one side. How could anyone move that? It weighs tons.

Just like that tomb could not have contained Jesus’ body forever, your subconscious cannot imprison your negative thoughts forever either!

Picture taking a small broom and whisking out all of the “cobwebs” of emotions and negative thinking you have carried around for decades from all around you. God through EFT has knocked all those loose. Sweep them up into your large dustpan. What color is the dustpan? How full is the dustpan?

Look around you. Did you get all of those discarded emotions? Keep sweeping for as long as it is necessary to gather up every one of them.

Set your broom aside.

Now, slowly enter Jesus’ empty tomb, holding onto that dustpan tightly. Don’t tip it!  Duck, don’t bang your head on the entry way.

Slowly lift up Jesus’ grave cloths, and empty that dustpan beneath them. Shake it out, leaving every piece of dirt and emotion in that pile. Replace the grave cloths as you found them, covering up all those sins, emotions, and feelings.

Can you see any of it anymore? No? And then neither can God! He has tossed your sins and feelings as far as the east is from the west, and He remembers them no more.

Your memories may remain, but the perceptions around those feelings and events are hidden and safely stored away under Jesus’ grave cloths. He is protecting them. You never again have to worry about them or deal with them.

Exit the grave and join the women and apostles who are rejoicing that their Savior is alive.

Thank Him for dying and rising from the dead to give you eternal life.

He is Risen! He is risen indeed. Hallelujah!

You are free!

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