Europe: Antwerp to Zagreb

My husband Leo and I are having a wonderful time sharing God’s heart on dreams in Europe. The response at workshops as we’ve crisscrossed Belgium and Germany has been so positive, and people are receiving profound revelations. We’ve had some powerful testimonies on understanding God’s messages even through nightmares with the realization of why they had the bad dreams and what they were really about.

All of the teaching is being translated and ICHTHYS Church in Hannover posted my Sunday morning message. If you’d like to listen in, you can find it on their website here.

This past weekend we were in Northern Germany and no less than eleven people from the church had met my Dad personally over the last fifteen years when they attended Catch the Fire’s School of Ministry in Toronto. Wow! Hearing God’s voice through journaling is such a part of their DNA so hearing God’s voice through dreams was the perfect complement to their unfolding journey in the spirit… 24/7 communion with God. Hallelujah!

Ministry of Fun

Sara, our host pastor’s daughter in Antwerp shared: We loved having Leo and Charity with us. They bring so much wisdom with such humility. They carry joy and fun wherever they go. 

I read Charity’s book and it changed my life. It changed my relationship with God in a really profound way! So having Charity teach in our church was a dream come true! It was beautiful to see how every single person attending the seminars was so touched by the message she brought! 

What Charity teaches is so easy, yet so important and life changing. Everyone can hear God through their dreams, and you are definitely part of everyone! 

Coming to Croatia

Two days before we left for Brussels a publisher in Croatia contacted us asking for permission to translate and print our dreams book in Croatian. Praise GOD. When they found out we were headed to their corner of the world they quickly organized events for me to come and speak as well.

We’re excited to announce that two workshops have just been added to our ministry tour. Between our weekend seminars in Austria we will travel down to Croatia where I will be teaching in both Pula and Zagreb. It’s amazing how God orchestrated these events. God wants His children to understand the language He speaks at night, and He’s seeing to it that the message goes out far and wide.

We are posting pictures of our ministry adventures on Facebook and invite you to Like our page. We appreciate your prayer support, especially right now as we’re both fighting colds. Please pray that we are strong and healthy and ready to minister at 100% for our next series of workshops. Thank you!

Christmas Will Be Here Soon!

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