Shawn Bolz Interview on Exploring the Prophetic

Recently my dad, Mark Virkler, was invited to join Shawn Bolz on his extremely popular Exploring the Prophetic podcast and they had a great time together. It was awesome to hear how God has used their ministries in such complementary and synergistic ways over the years, and you can get the whole scoop in my dad’s blog post here.

Then it was my turn! It was an honor to be interviewed by Shawn and we had the best time getting to know each other, swapping stories of our favorite God encounters, and discovering some similarities on our journey in the sacred supernatural.

For example, I shared how years ago Holy Spirit had pointed out my husband to me in a crowd at church and told me that was who I was going to marry. This was before I had met him, or even knew his name! Of course God knows the perfect plans He has for us, Leo and I did fall in love and get married, and we just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this summer. So thankful to be living happily ever after with my match made in Heaven!

What was super fun to hear is that Shawn and his wife Cherie have a similar story in that Holy Spirit had given Cherie a beautiful vision about her future marriage to Shawn as well. And years later, it came true!

We talked about all this, plus what it was like growing up in a prophetic home, God’s voice through dreams, and partnering with the angelic company of Heaven. If you haven’t seen the interview yet, you’re welcome to listen to the podcast or watch the video of our conversation together below.



So grateful for this opportunity to connect with Shawn as we both have the same heart. Our passion is that the prophetic is for everyone and we ALL can live easily and every day to the sacred supernatural realm of God. Thanks so much, Shawn!

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Shawn Bolz Interview on Exploring the Prophetic

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