The Volcano Dream

“A dream un-interpreted is a letter unread.”

In January, my husband Leo and I had the chance to hike Mount Bromo, an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. God will often use pictures from our natural world to communicate spiritual truths to us while we sleep. If you have ever felt discouraged in your dream work, wondering if there is any meaning or message in your “bad” dreams, our next story is for you. Be inspired through this amazing testimony of how God communicates in the most creative of ways, confirming He is indeed sending us “letters from heaven” through all our visions in the night.

“Hi Charity…. I have been so excited to be listening to your dream videos ….there is such a sense of anointing on your teaching. Ever since I’d read your book earlier in the year and you visited our city, I had been recording and praying through my dreams.  However I felt a bit discouraged that they all seem to be about some “negative” that I am going through, and never seemed to be the exciting, encouraging dreams that you talk about.

To be fair, I have been through some difficult years recently, and I seem to be full of “stuff” that needs healing and dealing with – and the Lord has been very patient in talking me through it, thereby bringing me help for each day’s challenges.

But I still longed for positive, beautiful dreams, and to be honest, such dreams have been very rare. Because of this, I began to feel that my dreams were just my own psyche throwing things up at me that I wasn’t able to process in the daytime, rather than the Lord’s voice. Anyway, long story short, I got sick of writing down “negative” dreams and lost motivation to try to remember and process my dreams so diligently.

However, as I started listening to your video sessions, I started to feel I am being “awakened” again. Then two nights ago, the Lord gave me a special experience, I guess so I would KNOW He is still speaking through my dreams. I had a dream of which I couldn’t remember ANYTHING at all, other than the words “Stockton Hill”. These words were ringing in my thoughts when I woke up.  I had not heard of this name before – I didn’t know if it was a place, or a business, or even if such a thing existed. I just wrote the words down in the middle of the night on the pad beside my bed.

Next morning, I googled it and discovered that Stockton Hill is a place in British Columbia, Canada – and is a “volcanic plug”. This also meant nothing to me, and I felt pretty confused. Without much faith, I just lay down and asked the Lord what on earth that was supposed to mean to me.

His answer was amazing. He said that I have a volcano of anger inside of me that I have emotionally “plugged up” – and it really needs dealing with. That totally witnessed with my heart. He told me that I need to get prayer for this, so that is what I’m going to do.

But the great thing for me in all this is that I know that my own psyche couldn’t have manufactured these words, because my own psyche had never heard of Stockton Hill before! I really AM hearing and interacting with the Lord at night!

This experience has been the assurance I’ve needed to rekindle my motivation to keep seeking His voice through my dreams. Thanks for your great work, and many blessings!”

Hallelujah! I was excited to receive this email and know it will be a huge encouragement to you to keep listening to your dreams as well. God is speaking! To learn how to translate the picture language He speaks at night, enroll in our free Dreams Crash Course online. And for more on how to find the blessing even in seemingly negative dreams, check out our chapter and DVD teaching session on Why All Bad Dreams Aren’t.


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