Interpreting Shawn Bolz’ Dream

“So far the simplest teaching I have ever heard on dreams – and possibly some of the most profound – is coming from Charity Kayembe.”
Shawn Bolz

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the privilege of teaching on dream interpretation with Shawn Bolz’ ministry. It was an honor to share with his students and they quickly became their very own dream experts. I’m so proud of them for putting the principles into practice and becoming their own master interpreters!

I also had a great time with Shawn when we had the opportunity to unpack a recent dream on his show. The symbols included the Whitehouse, President Biden and Enoch (!) and it was fun to decode and decrypt what these things meant to him personally as we considered the key elements of his dream.

Watch to see the lightbulb turn on, as in the middle of our conversation, Shawn has his “aha” moment! He realizes what area of his waking life the dream is speaking to, and the heavenly message becomes clear. Yay GOD. I love it when an interpretation comes together!


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Once I started applying the DAESI dream method to my own dreams, I realized how simple it is & that anyone can do it. As Charity had said, we, the dreamer, are the best ones to interpret them, since we know what is going on in our waking life. I highly recommend this app!” – wvjesuschick


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“I was asleep, but my heart was awake. Listen, my Beloved is knocking…”
(Song of Solomon 5:2)

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