Kari’s Car Lot Dream

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“I’ve taken dream courses for years and never had any good consistent success. With this app I’m finally able to interpret my dreams!”
– Shires55

It’s been wonderful to hear your testimonies of how much our new Dream Keys interpretation app has been helping you decode your downloads from heaven. We are so blessed to read your reviews online and the stories you send us! Thank you for letting us know how God is using this tool to help you better steward His prophetic words to you nightly.

I received the following dream testimony that I just had to share. Kari Nicholson wrote in from Wichita, Kansas and I trust her email will be an encouragement to you as well. Not only does she illustrate how you can easily use the Dream Keys app to help record and understand your nightly revelation, she also shares a beautiful interpretation message that truly applies to all of us. Enjoy and be inspired!

Kari and Gabriel Nicholson

The Side Gig

I wanted to share an encouraging dream I had in regards to your dream app!

Dream: My husband Gabriel and I were at a seminar at a hotel. It was a couple speaking that I had never seen before. This couple had opened a car lot and had been running it the last year. They were wildly successful however they had only been doing this as a side job/gig and not putting their whole life into it. I was very encouraged, but I also felt agitated as Gabriel and I had been putting our whole life into running our car lot and were not having the same success.

Action: Learning to have success as a side gig

Emotion: Encouraged

Setting: Charity’s dream app came out yesterday. I have been waiting for this ever since I got the email. I was really excited, but also thought, “How can I learn this skill since I don’t have the time to be able to completely immerse myself in this?”

Interpretation: The car lot seminar represents being able to interpret my dreams and being wildly successful just doing it as a “side gig”!! I was very encouraged that the Lord showed me that I do not have to completely immerse myself into this to be successful!

Just as a side note – my husband and I really do own a car lot and have been putting our whole lives into running our business. And I have been studying your dream method ever since I got ahold of it 3 years ago. I love it, have been able to interpret many of my dreams, and desire to interpret them all and help others!!!


Way to go, Kari! I’m so proud of her and love her dream work for so many reasons. First of all, it shows how a seemingly simple dream can have a significant message for us hidden within it. That is why we don’t want to dismiss or discount even a shorter dream or night vision scene, because we recognize God is speaking through it.

It also confirms that the dreamer herself is always the best expert on making sense of her dreams. That is, Kari knew the setting from her waking world and what she was thinking about as she fell asleep better than anyone. God lovingly spoke directly to that question on her heart, and with one dream, transformed her concern into confidence and excitement. He is a good, good Father, and flooding us with supernatural peace and joy is His specialty!

Another important principle demonstrated in this dream example is how symbols are personal to the dreamer. Because Kari and Gabriel own a car lot, God used that specific symbol from her waking life to communicate His message. This dream wasn’t just recycling leftovers from her day; it was a timely word with specialized symbols spoken in her very own heart language.

But even though the symbols and meaning were a personal encouragement to Kari, the interpretation resonates as a confirmation to all of us as well: God’s intention is to bless us and make us wildly successful at living and walking by His Spirit! We don’t have to feel that we are left out or disqualified in any way. Father’s desire is to prosper us in all our ways, not least of which is in cultivating supernatural encounter and receiving heavenly revelation all day and all night.

Finally, I appreciate the divine affirmation that dream work doesn’t have to be difficult or demanding. It doesn’t need to be our full-time job! Instead, it can be a fun way to connect with God “on the side” – in addition to all the other ways He creatively and continually communes with us.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for making us wildly successful at receiving Your revelation and decoding Your downloads in the night. We love partnering with You in interpretation and are so grateful for the encouragement, perspective, and counsel You give us while we sleep. We purpose by Your grace and Spirit’s power to receive all that You have for us as we rest in Your love. Thank You, Father, for Your amazing gift of dreams!


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A huge key for me
This app has been a huge key for me hearing from the Lord in my dreams. I’ve realized how intimate He speaks to my very situations and how loving He is. I’m so thankful for the videos explaining Charity’s method to interpreting dreams!! Praise God!” – Matthew Spurlock

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So grateful for this app!
“God is speaking to us all the time, and to lose the messages that He has for us in our dreams is a tragedy. This app helps me organize, break down and look at my dreams, with an ear to understand what He is saying; stewarding well His guidance. Thank you for this wonderful resource.” – Shaun Morrison


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