Kiwi Ministry Trip Report

We are halfway through our ministry tour Down Under and are so grateful for all the Lord has done already!

We had an awesome Everyday Angels workshop at New Plymouth Central Baptist Church on the West Coast of New Zealand. The session on angelic activation is always a highlight and this time Jesus introduced one lady to six different angels by name!

Another woman met playful angels who were hiding behind trees in the garden, excitedly waiting for the moment when Jesus helped her finally make their acquaintance. And on Sunday morning the senior pastor had everyone release angels to their jobs and spheres of influences so they could partner with angels in evangelism for their unsaved friends and co-workers. Wow!

Next, we drove across the country to the beautiful city of Gisborne. People had great questions during the Hearing God Through Your Dreams Q&A and the next day several excitedly shared about the dreams they and their family members were able to finally recall, and even begin interpreting God’s messages through them.

The church there is awesome because they work closely with the local authorities in their community. The police will actually call the church to do “ghost-busting” – because the police know the situation is not natural and want them to come in and deal with it through spiritual cleansing and deliverance. They even invite the church to come down to the jail to help settle unruly prisoners! What an awesome reputation to have in the community. We also had the privilege of praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and saw the evidence of speaking in tongues. So exciting to help believers experience more of the blessings and sacred superpowers available to them!

At our most recent event Leo taught on Hearing God’s Voice and almost every single person received a word from the Lord during the journaling activation times. It was a predominantly Maori church – the native indigenous people of New Zealand – so they are already very sensitive to the supernatural realm. It’s an honor to help them learn to navigate the spirit world in a biblical, Holy Spirit led way. Eighty percent of the congregation are new believers, so to get them hearing from Heaven so soon is an incredible foundation for their walk with God!

We still have several workshops over the next two weeks and just added a new event to the end of our trip. Thank you so much for your continued prayers including especially restoration of health and complete healing in our bodies. I am ministering at a regional meeting for AOG pastors tomorrow and this weekend is another Everyday Angels conference with attendees from as far away as Australia. Please agree with us for Holy Spirit’s anointing upon every session and sacred supernatural encounters for all the participants as they meet with the company of Heaven during our activations.

We are so grateful for your prayer cover and appreciate your being such an important part of equipping the nations through your powerful intercession. God is answering and we can’t wait to see what He does next!


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