“My Life as a Pastor Will Never Be the Same”

Last fall I had the privilege of ministering at Gloriepoort church near Antwerp. It’s always exciting to hear what happens in people’s lives after we leave a city – “the rest of the story” in their dream journey. I love learning that churches have started dream groups to continue developing the culture of dreaming in their lives and I praise God for this wonderful report of what He’s doing in Belgium!

We had an amazing dream interpretation conference. You make it so easy to hear and understand God every night. Your teaching created a hunger in us to hear God more at night through dreams. Many who attended are dreaming more, and understand what God is saying. As a result we were inspired to start a “Dream Group” where we discuss our dreams and help one another with interpretation.

My life as a pastor will never be the same. Not only have I started receiving sermons in my dreams I am also getting godly counsel for many in the church. God brings it in such a way that people receive the word really well. Your message is alive in Belgium and I’m forever grateful for this teaching!

Pastor Ilse Desaeger
Antwerp, Belgium

Indeed, God will give us revelation in our dreams for our areas of responsibility. Whatever we need to know, He already has the answers and is downloading that revelation to us each night while we sleep.


Pastor Ilse has also used my Dad’s teaching on the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and incorporated it as part of a “Couch to 5k” training program. I’ve asked her to share what they have developed to help equip us in both our spiritual and physical disciplines. Very cool!

Running with God – by Pastor Ilse Desaeger

Do you want to improve your condition, but you don’t have much time, or not enough money for fitness? We have a great solution for you!

Running is a sport you can do at the moment that fits best for you, and you start and finish at your front door. It only costs you a good pair of running shoes (and your start-to-run program). That’s why a lot of people start running.

Unfortunately, some already quit at an early stage, out of disappointment, because they fail to see progress immediately, or because they don’t know how to build this up efficiently. That’s why so-called ‘start-to-run’ programs are developed. They provide you with a strict routine of running sessions to build up your running condition in a structured, balanced and healthy way over a set period of time. During each session, a voice on an audio file guides you through the training, telling you when to start running, when to relax and walk, when to start again, and when the session finishes, so you don’t have to keep track of time yourself, and the voice, as well as the music, motivate you to persevere.

Christians that want to improve their physical condition also want to keep sufficient time available to spend with God. In the midst of a busy life, it may feel as though they have to choose as one comes at the expense of the other.

‘Running with God’ allows you to combine both. It is a traditional ‘start-to-run’ program that also teaches you to hear from God, listen to sound biblical teachings, and do some spiritual exercises, all while accompanied by fitting Christian music.

The target audience is not restricted to those that use it to start building up their physical condition while learning to listen to God’s voice. Others who already have good condition and can run longer distances can choose to ignore the specific running and walking instructions and enjoy the teachings, exercises and Christian music. Some people choose to use it while biking. Some use it at home, to guide them through their time with God. It is a great program for those who want to start learning to hear God’s voice, or those that have the feeling they still struggle with it. Experienced listeners can still enjoy the program, as each session offers concrete exercises, providing God with new opportunities to speak to you and offer new revelations for your life.

There are testimonies of people whose relationship with God goes to a much deeper level. Some people even repeat the program different times and discover new things from God every time.

Learn more and download your program today!

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