New Audiobook, Interview and Instagram!

I’m excited to announce that Hearing God Through Your Dreams is now available as an audiobook! We’ve had requests for this since so many of us spend time commuting and working out, it’s easier to listen rather than read. The best part about this audiobook is that I read it myself! It was important to me to keep it all in my own voice, figuratively and literally (!) and we’re thrilled with the final product.

The audiobook is available exclusively on Amazon, and you’re welcome to listen to the first chapter here or on YouTube!




TV Interview on TCT

Dr. Ron Burgio hosted a dream workshop at Love Joy Church last year and it was an honor to be interviewed by him. We had a great time together and he even shared the dream God gave him that led him to marry his wife! You can check out the whole story on YouTube or right here.

Praise Reports from Europe

While we are now back in New York, it’s such a blessing to receive testimonies of all God continues to do through dreams in the lives of His children around the world. Indeed, the dream workshop is just the beginning!

Inner Healing in Dreams

Pastor Gideon writes: Do you remember Lydia? She was the young lady with tremendous nightmares on a frequent basis and you counselled her under my translation. She attended church and gave testimony that she has no nightmares anymore.

She invited Jesus into the scene and that changed the whole perspective. Because Jesus was with her in the dream and counselled her, she was not afraid of the enemies anymore who slaughtered her family, but could bless those murderers instead and got peace in her heart. The nightmare did not come again. Hallelujah! I have the privilege now to enjoy the fruits of your work 🙂 Praise God.

Dream Activation

Eva writes: Since your seminar here (it’s one month ago….!) I’ve remembered 21 dreams. Most of them I could interpret quite easily, they had a rather obvious message. Some of them became clear to me through the help of the Holy Spirit. It’s really, really exciting!!

Thank you again for having given to me the keys to decode dreams and thank you for having opened my eyes for this important matter!

Instagram and Twitter

We are so encouraged by these emails! And to help us stay even more connected with you we are excited to announce two brand new social media accounts. As always, we invite you to like us on Facebook and now you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram too. See you online!

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