New Mandarin Translation Published!

We have some awesome praise reports to share and are so grateful for all God is doing around the world. Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial partnership with Glory Waves Ministries. It is exciting to see so much amazing fruit in so many different ways – and YOU are a huge part of it!

As you know, our passion is to equip you to “do the stuff.” I don’t want to just give you a word from God; I want to teach you how to hear God’s voice for yourself. I don’t want to interpret your dream for you; I want to teach you how to interpret your dreams for yourself. And I don’t want to just tell you about the visions of angels that I see; I want to teach you how to open your spiritual eyes, look into the supernatural realm and see angels for yourself!

It has been a privilege sharing these messages on the sacred supernatural at more than 80 workshops in 12 nations over the past five years. And one of the most exciting aspects has been to see God raise up translators, not just for our training events, but to translate our books into various languages. What a gift it is to be able to put training resources into their hands, empowering believers in their own heart language!

When we did our mission to Mexico, it was wonderful to have Everyday Angels available in Spanish. My friend Isabelle DeClercq not only translated Hearing God Through Your Dreams into Dutch, but helped me explain to our Belgian audience how God uses idioms and colloquialisms in our native language to communicate to us personally while we sleep, and you can hear about her fun example in Brussels on the video clip here.

In addition, both Hearing God Through Your Dreams as well as Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions are available in German thanks to the translation work of Manu Schilling. And our dreams, angels and hearing God’s voice books have all been published in Croatia as well, which is where the photo below was taken. Yay God!


Asia – Mandarin Translation Published

Now we are thrilled to let you know about our latest translation into Mandarin! I’ve had the opportunity to minister on dreams and hearing God’s voice at a Taiwanese Bible School based in Canada. Since then we were contacted by Grace Publishing House in Taiwan because they wanted permission to translate our Hearing God Through Your Dreams book into Chinese. So exciting!

According to this site, “Mandarin is a Chinese language spoken by close to one billion people in the world and it’s the single most spoken first language in existence.” So grateful for God’s heart to reach so many with His message! Years ago I spent a summer doing creative outreach in Hong Kong. The following summer I returned for more “strategic influencing” and spent two months in mainland China where I fell in love with the beautiful people and their country. I even learned a bit of the language! So I was especially blessed to know we would soon have a Mandarin translation of the book available. And it is finally here!

We do have some Chinese books here in New York, so if you are in the States you’re welcome to contact our office to order them. If you’re outside the US, copies can be ordered online from various retailers, including here and here.

Update: The electronic version is now available too!

Google Book:

Thank you so much for letting your Chinese-speaking friends know and sharing the news with missionaries and others who could benefit. And thank You, Holy Spirit, for continuing to breathe on this message. We can’t wait to see where You take it next!


Africa – An Update from the Field

Pauline Burthwick is the Director of Releasing Destiny Discipleship Institute, a mission school of Christian Leadership University in Kenya. My Dad and I recently received this wonderful report of how the message of intimacy with God through dreams is spreading to the ends of the earth. We are blessed that Pauline is partnering with us in training leaders in the sacred supernatural, and that these pastors in turn are training their congregations. Rejoice with us in what God is doing around the world!

Pauline’s Report

What a privilege to be a part of what God has done through you two and is doing here in Kenya. We have just completed the Hearing God Through Your Dreams class here and I wanted to share a testimony with you. There were three pastors in the class and they all said people would come to them with dreams and they would tell them “I will pray and you pray and we will see what God shows” (secretly hoping they do not come back about the dream!). They were all so excited to have a way to interpret their own dreams and to be able to teach others as well.

One of my students is the leader of a large influential church and this class on Dreams especially has had a huge impact on his life. In his final course paper he shared:

“I am going to prepare a sermon about the dreams and allow my congregation to go through it and also teach them prayerfully that they can come to understand that it is the dreamer who is able to understand and interpret the dream. So far all they know is that interpretations of dreams are the preserve of a pastor.

I am going to have members put in cell groups and practice and we continue discussing with them. I know they will pick it up. I love the lesson and I know this is going to change my life, my family and the entire congregation. I know that it is because of God’s love that I have come to know this.”


Transferable Truth

Hallelujah! The revelation must be replicable and the truth must be transferable. And it is! How awesome to know these precious Kenyan believers are being equipped to hear from their Wonderful Counselor personally while they sleep, empowered by the truth that they are their very own interpretation experts who can receive divine wisdom and guidance, encouragement and direction through their dreams.

I will praise the LORD, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.”
(Psalm 16:7)




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