New MP3s & Our Sid Roth Interview

Hearing God Through Your Dreams MP3s

You’ve been asking and they’re finally here! The teaching that we just recorded at Catch the Fire Toronto last month is now available on MP3. Dad leads six interactive interpretations with audience members, translating each aspect of their dream using the DAESI Dream Work Method.

I teach 10 sessions answering your biggest questions on dream interpretation including:

Where do dreams come from and why do I have them?

Why do dream symbol dictionaries leave me even more confused?

What does the Bible have to say about dreams?

How can I improve dream recall?

Does God speak through kid-size dream symbols?

Why do I have nightmares and what should I do about them?

And the most popular question of all: Why can’t dreams be clearer?

We explore in-depth exactly why God uses a symbolic language instead of being literal in our visions of the night. I illustrate through both biblical example as well as my own dream stories the creative genius of God’s dream design, effectively demonstrating why He’s chosen to communicate with us in this most powerful way.

If you’ve ever wanted to make sense of your dreams, this is for you. We teach you how to translate the dialect of dreams and become fluent in the language God speaks at night.

Download the series today!


Coming to a screen near you…

sid-roth-setWe’re also excited to announce the interview Dad and I recorded with Sid Roth will be airing soon! We had a wonderful time in Charlotte filming “It’s Supernatural!”  which will be broadcast on TBN on Friday, November 18th at 7:00pm EST. The show will also air on God TV, Daystar and other networks and you can find all the details here.

We’re believing that through these broadcasts many more will be reached with the message that God is speaking to them continually through their visions of the night.

May ears and hearts be open to connect with Father’s extravagant love and receive all the wisdom, comfort, direction and blessing He wants to lavish upon them through their dreams!


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