Permission Granted: What God Says About Engaging Angels

Mark Virkler continues his in-depth interview with his daughter Charity Kayembe on the topic of her new book, Everyday Angels.

Now that we understand that God worked through angels throughout Scripture, why is it that more Christians today aren’t seeing angels with them, in their everyday lives?

Answer: That’s a great question, and I believe there are two main reasons. First of all, we don’t understand what we’re looking for. It is very interesting to note that in the hundreds of Scriptures recording angelic encounter, most of them do not make any mention of wings, nor even mention the word “angel”. For example, Daniel had extended back and forth conversations with angels, and he consistently referred to them as “men”:

  • Gabriel stood before him as “one who looked like a man” (Dan. 8:15-16).
  • “The man Gabriel” came in the vision and gave him instructions (Dan. 9:21-22).
  • He looked and behold there was “a certain man” dressed in linen (Dan. 10:5).
  • “One who resembled a human being” was with him and he spoke to him (Dan. 10:16).
  • Then the “one with human appearance” touched him and strengthened him (Dan. 10:18).

Similarly, in the New Testament we see angels being referred to as “men” and people “dressed in white” (Lk. 24:4; Acts 1:10). Over and over the Bible refers to angels appearing just like us. One reason why more believers haven’t seen their angels is because they haven’t understood what they are looking for. Once we know what we’re looking for, it’s easier to see.

This also shows us that there are many more Scriptural references to angels than simply those verses with the word “angel” actually in them. When we include all the references to Gabriel, Michael and other angels that were described simply as “men” we find several more passages – indeed entire chapters – of Scripture devoted to what these heavenly messengers said and did, as well as the protection and blessing that resulted from obedience to God’s word delivered through them.


Question: You’re right. We must take of all those passages into account as well, which again confirms beyond any shadow of doubt the incredible importance God gives angels in our lives. When we look for it, we realize Scripture is literally overflowing with angelic interaction!

But that brings me back to my original question… Then why aren’t more believers interacting with their angels now?

Answer: Right! Number one, as we just discussed it’s because they don’t know what they’re looking for. Number two, and by far the most important reason, is because they don’t know where to look.

Angels are spirit beings who live in the spirit realm. That’s why if we are waiting around for them to leave their spiritual world and put on flesh and come to our material realm, it could take a while. We’re waiting for them to come to us, which is why we don’t see them very often (if ever). We insist they conform to our three-dimensional world.

What happens, though, if instead of waiting around for those spiritual beings to come into our physical world, we just step into theirs? We know that we are spiritual beings too and that we have spiritual eyes. Paul told us to look at the unseen, and prayed that the eyes of our hearts would be opened (2 Cor. 4:18; Eph. 1:17-18). We have spiritual senses that can see and hear in the heavenly realm and if we look to see with those spiritual eyes, we can see angels all the time.

We know this is how Daniel saw, as he described not only what he was seeing, but where. Over and over he describes these heavenly pictures as “visions in his mind” (e.g., Dan. 7:1, 15). He made it a point to let us know that it wasn’t something going on outside of himself. Daniel was using his spiritual eyes and spiritual ears to experience the spiritual kingdom within (Lk. 17:21).

A similar account is recorded in Acts 12, when Peter is rescued from a jail cell through the ministry of an angel. There was a bright light and an angel speaking, and he was even struck on the side to be awakened (Acts 12:7-8)!

All of this seems very “concrete” and tangible and we assume it’s obvious that everything is happening in our material realm. However, that wasn’t the case. Scripture reveals Peter “did not know that what was being done by the angel was real, but thought he was seeing a vision” (Acts 12:9).

A final example to consider for now would be what John told us in Revelation, “I was in spirit on the Lord’s day” and met the Lord (Rev. 1:10ff). Again, he said “I was in spirit” and proceeded to see the throne of God and all manner of heavenly vision (Rev. 4:2ff). He was not in his head, looking with his natural eyes; he was in his heart, looking with his spiritual eyes.

These biblical precedents confirm that what we see “in spirit”, in the spiritual realm, with the eyes of our hearts is real.



Question: Excellent insights. But I know some of us are wondering if this is disrespectful to God in any way. That is, why would we interact with angels instead of interacting with God Himself??

Answer: That’s a very important question, and one I asked the Lord myself! He explained to me though, that just as I interact with family and friends and that does not detract from my relationship with Him, but can even strengthen it, so too am I able to interact with angels without it taking anything away from my relationship with Him.

The day God re-introduced me to my guardian angels He specifically said, “Okay guys, you’re friends. Partners and co-laborers for and with Me. We’re all on the same team! Hang out, chat. Be friendly, and be friends.”

Now I’m all for obedience, but I still felt it necessary to explain to God how I was actually trying to be nice to Him by ignoring my angels. I was giving my quiet times exclusively to Him, and wasn’t that so sweet and thoughtful of me? While He did appreciate the heart motive, He gently enlightened me to where He was coming from on the matter and why I really didn’t need to worry that He would feel hurt or insulted in any way.

God continued, “Remember I’m the One who created family. I’m the One who made Eve for Adam because it wasn’t good for him to be alone. And I’m the One who put you in a family with a mom and dad and brother and gave you a husband and friends. So I’m the One who created relationship, and put you into them. Lots of them! Interconnected. Family. Members of a body.

“The point is I’m not threatened by your having other relationships and friendships outside of your fellowship with Me. Why would I be? I’m not selfish like that. That is the way love is not jealous” (see 1 Cor. 13:4).

Of course. I knew that! God’s not insecure. Why did I think He would be so petty? I definitely needed to have my mind renewed and conformed to His. What He said made much more sense than what I had been thinking.

I also realized how inconsistent it was to believe I shouldn’t talk with angels in order to not focus on them too much. Many of us (myself included) are already talking to angels, we just don’t realize it. We know that our enemy, satan, is a fallen angel. We have books, seminars, entire ministries that are devoted to spiritual warfare – which is essentially angel focused. We’re just focused exclusively on the fallen instead of the faithful. To be fair, we should give at least as much attention to God’s holy angels as well!


Question: That is a really good point! Now I know you’ve talked with the Lord extensively about your angelic guardians. Has He shared any other revelations that have helped you live comfortably and confidently with the company of Heaven?

Answer: You’re right. God and I often discuss these heavenly bodyguards He has assigned to me, both in journaling conversations as well as through my dreams. He always has His own amazing perspectives on things! For example, the Lord explained to me how angels are part of His family, as the book of Job consistently identifies angels as “sons of God” (eg, Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7).

And the real game-changer came when Jesus challenged me with these questions regarding my husband:

Jesus said, “Charity, how would you feel if when you were getting to know Leo, if when you invited him to meet your family, he said, ‘No thanks. I’m not really into your family, I’m just into you.’”

“Or what if every time you invited him to hang out with your friends, he declined explaining how much he totally loved you, so he just wanted to focus on you and you alone? He wanted to be with you exclusively, but never wanted to be with your friends?”

Wow, that definitely shifts our paradigm! God was showing me that if I really do care about Him, then I will care about who He cares about. In fact, there is a beautiful Scripture that reveals Father’s heart for His beloved angels in the first chapter of Zechariah: “The LORD spoke kind and comforting words to the angel who talked with me” (Zech. 1:13). Isn’t that amazing? God so cared for His angel’s feelings, He purposefully communicated with him in a gracious and encouraging way!

Because angels are important to God they are important to us. That’s just how love works.

You’re right, that definitely gives us a powerful glimpse of the Lord’s heart for angels. Thank you. Is there anything else you feel led to share with us before we go?

Answer: I would encourage everyone reading this to do what I did: ask God Himself about your angels. Journal and seek the Lord’s heart on the subject, listening to what He wants to share. Pray into these Scriptures on angels and ask for Christ’s mind and His perspective on them. Holy Spirit is faithful to lead you and guide you into all truth, so simply ask Him yourself what He wants to speak with you about angels.

And if you’d like a guided visionary prayer meditation to lead you into such an encounter, you’re welcome to find more training and activation free online.



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