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by Mark and Patti Virkler | 92 Page eBook

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A new ebook has been released that accompanies this e-workbook: Click here for Hearing God Through Your Dreams by Charity Kayembe and Mark Virkler (featured on Sid Roth).

Do you often wake up feeling there was a significant message in your dream, but you’re just not sure what it is? Like Daniel and Joseph, do you long to be able to help others understand their own dreams and win them to Christ as you explain His night messages to them? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could receive mid-course corrections from the Lord while you sleep? Do you wish you could be receiving divine inspiration, creative solutions to problems, and direction from the Lord during that third of your life that you’re “just” sleeping?


Understanding Dreams

Man’s view of dreams

Do you feel like sleep is a “waste of time”? Do you usually only remember bits and pieces of your dreams that don’t make any sense? Or worse yet, not remember any of your dreams at all?

God’s view of dreams

The Bible declares that God counsels us at night through our dreams (Ps. 16:7) and is full of examples and illustrations of this principle. In the dreams in the Bible, God gives wise direction concerning the next step to take. He grants wisdom and encourages people in faith. He shows them how to escape coming calamity and how to provide for their families in the midst of imminent disasters. God even enters into covenants with people and grants them gifts in their dreams!

Where this teaching will lead you

This teaching series leads you in examining every dream in the Bible to see how they reveal and illustrate principles of Christian dream interpretation. You will receive abundant confirmation that God speaks to His children through their night visions (Num. 12:6; Acts 2:17).

You will also explore your own dreams, learning the language of symbolism which your heart uses as it communicates to you God’s divine wisdom. You will learn how to let the Holy Spirit be your Teacher as you learn to interpret God’s messages to you through your dreams!

All of us can learn to hear from God during the two hours of dream life we have each night and these training materials will coach you in this skill.


“The best teaching I have ever seen on interpreting dreams” – Sid Roth

I have just interviewed Mark Virkler, an extraordinarily gifted man of God who teaches a course on understanding dreams. I have interviewed many on this subject over the years, but Mark’s approach is different. He is a very logical teacher. He guarantees after taking his course you will have at least a dream a week and understand them!

I took him up on his challenge, and it is working for me. I have had very few literal dreams in my life. And frankly, I usually ignore the symbolic dreams. I call them “pizza” dreams. However, since I started following Mark’s instructions, I have had dreams and I understand them! None of the other courses have worked for me. Now I have received major direction! I am so excited when I go to bed and look forward to God speaking to me in my dreams.


Hear God Through Your Dreams Workbook (divided into three main sections)

Part One starts with twenty pages of distilled practical principles giving precise, clear, non-contradictory, biblical guidelines for interpreting dreams. This will equip you with the tools you need to begin interpreting your own dreams. Part One continues by having you explore in detail the nearly 50 dreams recorded in the Bible, using guided biblical meditation as your method of learning. You will be asked many specific questions about each dream and given biblical passages to refer to to prayerfully discover God’s answers. You will be asked to explore each piece of symbolism in the dream, and to note exactly how God interprets each symbol. In so doing, you will get a sense of how God interprets dreams. You will learn many practical, effective principles concerning how to interpret dreams, as well as five things you can do to help you recall your dreams. You will be able to interpret your dreams using these clear principles.

Part Two is a repeat of the Bible Research section of Part One with our suggested answers to the questions from the guided meditation exercises. After you have done your own research (Part One), you may then turn to Part Two to compare your answers with those given. Truth is always more meaningful when you search it out yourself and receive it by revelation from the Holy Spirit. However, once you have done so, it is wise to then compare and submit what you have discovered to others who have gone before you in researching the same area. Section Two offers you the opportunity to compare your answers to the answers that the Virklers have discovered, and perhaps gain additional revelation.

Part Three is a repeat of Part One, section one (Principles of Dream Interpretation). However, it adds classroom activities, homework assignments and breaks, making this book an excellent manual for a small group desiring to learn dream interpretation together.


What makes Hear God Through Your Dreams so valuable to you?

Features How This Helps You

All the dreams in the Bible are explored and meditated upon.

  • You gain God’s perspective on dreams.
  • You see how God interprets dreams, and now you follow His pattern.

Clear non-contradictory principles are distilled and laid out.

  • From the Bible we organize a “how to” approach for interpreting dreams.
  • This approach is practical, easy-to-follow, and yields excellent results.

You practice applying the principles as a group.

  • You gain confidence and skill in your ability to interpret dreams.
  • You begin receiving God’s counsel nightly and are able to act on it.
  • The quality of your life improves, because you are receiving, understanding and acting upon the advice of the Wonderful Counselor.


The Angry Bull by Patti Virkler

The Setting: I was mad when I went to bed. I don’t remember why but someone had wronged me and I had a right to be angry and I was!

The Dream: I opened the door to my house and a bull was right outside. He somehow knocked off my glasses, then stepped on them and crushed them.


  1. What emotion does a bull represent to me? What adjective would I normally use to describe a bull? Answer: “an angry bull” so a bull = anger to me
  2. What is the main action of the dream? Answer: Knocking off my glasses and crushing them.
  3. What does this action symbolize? Answer: destroying my ability to see clearly.


When I open the door to anger, I lose my ability to see things clearly.


Dreams provide encouragement, direction, exhortation and healing by Cheryl McKay

When I was a Christian Leadership University student, one of my favorite classes was on interpreting dreams. I went through the whole workbook that the Virklers put together on studying every reference to dreams and visions in the Bible. I was surprised to reread very familiar stories and realize what significant moments took place in a dream or a vision, like Solomon’s request for wisdom. Seeing them all together showed me how this was a way God spoke to His people over and over again in His Word. What makes us think that would change today?

I started paying attention to my dreams throughout this course and onward. I even ended up writing a book, that I will one day release, about how God speaks through dreams. After completing this course, I got so many dreams from God. I wrote about over 70 dreams that God used in the realm of encouragement, direction, exhortation, warnings, preparation dreams, and even healing dreams. God also sent me dreams about things going on in the lives of others, either so I could intercede for them privately in prayer or confront them directly about an issue facing their lives. In one of those, I was warned that a friend was suicidal. When I tracked her down, it turned out to be true. Her life was changed knowing God cared enough to send a dream to a friend about her emotional state. Had I not learned God spoke this way, I don’t know if I would have paid attention to the dream. Learning the concepts the Virklers had to teach was life changing for sure!

–Cheryl McKay (Screenwriter “The Ultimate Gift”, co-author “Never the Bride”)
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