Pt. 5 – The Quantum Connection


As I’ve mentioned before one of my favorite quotes is “We’re not human beings who have temporary spiritual experiences. We’re spiritual beings who just happen to be having a temporary human experience.”

There’s a term in quantum physics called superposition and it’s when something is fully in two places at the same time. Just like Jesus said about Himself, “No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven” (Jn. 3:13 NKJV).

He was on earth and He was in heaven simultaneously. Just like we’re living on earth at the same time we’re seated in the heavenlies (Eph. 2:4-6). We’re spirits and we can move in the spirit realm easily by praying to God and connecting with Him. Concurrently, we’re also in a physical, flesh and blood body which makes it equally convenient for us to maneuver in this natural world.

So we’re perfectly, uniquely, gloriously designed to be the bridge.

We are the bridges and conduits and connectors and portals that bring heaven to earth. It happens through us.


How Jesus Rolls

In his book, The Heart Journey, Phil Mason talks about us being little walking embassies of heaven. We bring it with us wherever we go. I mean, isn’t that what Jesus did?

A sick person came up to Him and He said, “Actually here? Around Me? This is the kingdom of heaven. And in heaven we don’t have sickness, so, you’re healed.”

Or a demonized person comes up to Him and Jesus motions with His arms and says “Well actually, this. This right here? This is heaven. And satan doesn’t have any authority in heaven, so, you’re delivered.”

Or Jesus is just walking along and all of sudden comes upon a funeral procession. And He’s like, “You know what? Right here, where I am? This is heaven. And in the kingdom of heaven, there is no death. So dead guy, just come on back to life.”

And that’s what we get to do too. Jesus is still alive. He’s still doing stuff! So we just look into the spirit and see what He’s doing and model it. We follow His lead and we release the peace and joy and life and power and atmosphere of His kingdom into our world.


The Observer Effect

As awesome as this adventure into understanding the spirit realm just a bit more has been, I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you what I find to be one of the most intriguing concepts of the entire unfolding revelation.

As Dad shared briefly in his latest blog, the observer effect as demonstrated in the double-slit experiment is a key feature of quantum physics. In fact, it is universally understood to be the most mysterious yet foundational principle in the entire field of quantum mechanics.

Phil Mason masterfully elucidates and substantiates all of this and much more in his tome, Quantum GloryI can’t recommend it highly enough as my copy is so highlighted and dog-eared, it’s falling apart at the seams!

Basically, the simple version of the idea is that if you observe something, you affect it. By your very action of seeing it, you change it.

The reason I find this fascinating is because of all the Scriptures we read on the importance of looking and seeing. Fix our eyes on Jesus (Heb. 12:2). Look at things that are unseen (2 Cor. 4:18). Set our minds on the spirit (Rom. 8:4-7). Focus our intention on the things above (Col. 3:1-4).

And of course, as we’ve looked at most recently, how we’ve been anointed by the Holy Spirit to be witnesses (Acts 1:8). Literally, we’ve been empowered to be observers and lookers and seers.

We know Jesus only did what He saw Father do in the spirit realm, and He only spoke what He heard Father say from that supernatural realm. So yes, we absolutely do the same. We can look in the spirit and see what’s going on there and model it. Copy it and imitate it. That’s awesome, and we should.


What Is the Bridge?

I just wonder though if more isn’t happening than meets the eye (no pun intended). I just wonder if somehow, before we actually imitate and model Jesus, before we even copy and actively follow His lead… I just wonder if our very act of observation has played a part in creating in our world what we see in His. I want to “change” what I’m observing in the spirit so it’s not just a supernatural reality, but demonstrated in the natural too. I want to “affect” the truth of the spirit world so that it is realized in the physical world too.

And so I wonder if maybe somehow vision is a bridge that helps move the kingdom of heaven from the spiritual end of the realm over into the physical end of it. I wonder if our seeing it, our act of observing isn’t effecting an outcome the same way the scientists have proven in their laboratories.

I wonder if by witnessing Jesus and the kingdom of heaven, if our very looking and listening into it, doesn’t help manifest it on this side of the dimension.

I mean, why not? Jesus said to observe. To look. To listen to the spirit. We get to do this whether we understand the full ramifications of our obedience or not.

But wouldn’t it be cool if by practicing the biblical art of meditation and looking and listening to the spirit, we are actually partnering with God as co-creators, manifesting His kingdom of heaven in our physical realm of earth?


Co-creating with God

“The heavens are the Lord’s, but the earth He’s given to the sons of men” (Ps. 115:16). That’s us. This is my earth that I get to make look like heaven.

In his book, Rediscovering the Kingdom, the late Dr. Myles Munroe talked about how God wants to “colonize earth with heaven.” We’re the ambassadors and co-creators. We’re the observers and witnesses. God’s given us a part to play. He does the work, He creates the miracles, He transforms the atmosphere and brings heaven to earth.

But He does it with us. In us. Through us.

I don’t need to understand how, but I still like to wonder at the awesomeness of it all. Could vision be a key in manifesting heaven on earth? Does observation play a role in bridging the kingdom? And once we learn how tosee what Jesus sees, will we actually begin to heal the rift within the realm?

Bill Johnson says that whatever we are aware of, we can impart. Whatever we’re conscious of, we manifest. So if we’re aware of the atmosphere of heaven, the peace of His presence and of Christ Himself we can impart Him. We can radiate His life and release His power into our world.


Portals of Glory

God doesn’t tell us to do things without a reason. I believe we are infinitely more powerful than we have ever imagined. We are God’s image bearers in this world. And by observing His spiritual kingdom, I believe we can help cause it to be.

We look upon and witness Jesus, and that’s part of how He manifests and His glory invades our atmosphere. We witness and observe and agree with what we see.

And God uses our eyes on Him as the supernatural connection, the transfer point, to bring it over. To make it be. We become the bridges and conduits.

It is by His Spirit joined to our spirits released through our physical bodies into the natural world that the kingdom comes. That the supernatural invades the natural. That the invisible truth becomes visible reality.

And that the answer materializes and manifests to Jesus’ prayer and to ours…

“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge – Lisbon, Portugal – the Kayembe Collection

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Pt. 5 – The Quantum Connection

We’re perfectly, uniquely, gloriously designed to be the bridge.

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