Quantum Glory

Supernatural Science

We want to explore some of the fascinating ways quantum physics correlates with our walk in the Spirit in general, and our visions and dream work specifically.

The Observer Effect is universally understood to be the most mysterious yet foundational principle in the entire field of quantum physics. It basically states that by observing something, we affect it; just our act of looking at something changes it.

For example, in the physicists’ laboratories they have discovered that an electron exists as wave of energy until it is observed. Once observed, it collapses into a particle of matter. Observing changes the wave of invisible potential into a particle of visible reality. The act of observing collapses all possibilities distributed along the wave and it’s now manifested and locked into a specific place and time as a single electron or photon (the stuff that makes up matter and light).

This phenomenon is called “Wave Function Collapse.” For our purposes, we can define “collapse” to mean that we are bringing what is unseen into the seen realm, making what is invisible visible, and moving what exists in the supernatural world into our natural world. We are releasing spiritual blessings into our physical atmosphere, collapsing the glory and bringing heaven to earth.


World of Faith

The quantum realm is a world of potential, where any possible outcome is available at every moment in time. That’s actually what the physicists tell us, that is how they define the quantum dimension.

Well, that sounds familiar to us! That’s the world of faith, where all things are possible to them that believe (Mk. 9:23) and nothing is impossible with God (Matt. 19:26). We know that God already gave us everything when He gave us Christ. Jesus is our Healer, He is our Provider, He is our Peace. It’s all in Him and it’s all ours, available right now. We have already been blessed with every spiritual blessing. Where? In heavenly places (Eph. 1:3). We have already been given ALL things for life (1 Pet. 1:3). So all we need to do now is collapse these promised resources of the kingdom into our everyday lives.

How do we do that? Through the observer effect. Hebrews 11:3 speaks to this understanding of wave function collapse when it says that “we understand that what is seen is not made out of things that are visible.” What is seen – matter, particles, this natural world – is made out of what is unseen – waves of potential energy in the invisible spirit realm.

So we see that wave function collapse is a picture in the natural world of what happens when we pray. In the realm of the spirit, every possibility is available to us in Christ — healing, provision, divine perspective. But we want to bring those heavenly resources into our physical dimension. We want these infinite possibilities of blessing in the spirit to collapse and materialize in our tangible world. Through our practiced observation and vision, these heavenly waves of glory collapse into a definite manifested miracle, a “particle” of healing or blessing, something that is concrete and available in our localized dimension of time and space.



A Real Life Example

I explore other aspects of the supernatural science of quantum physics in my book Hearing God Through Your Dreams. I also share a story that illustrates specifically what these things looks like in our real lives and how God designed the observer effect to work in our walk with Jesus.

One of my grad students is a medical missionary overseas. She had given a little girl all the medicine she had available, yet the child only continued to grow weaker. Having done all she could in the natural, she sent the two-year old home with her family. And then she prayed.

In a vision she saw Jesus go to the girl’s home, lay His hands upon her and heal her. She was in the Spirit with Jesus and prayed into that vision, agreeing with what Jesus was doing and speaking life over the little girl as well.  

She became the quantum observer of Jesus and collapsed that visionary wave of potential healing from heaven into the physical world. Her visual agreement with the spirit realm became a bridge for the supernatural blessing to cross and become manifest as a miracle in the natural world.

The next day she called to check on the girl and confirmed that at the very hour she had been with the Lord and the girl in Spirit – she was healed. All of a sudden she had awakened, jumped out of bed full of energy, and had been playing with the other children ever since. It was an instantaneous miracle and they were so grateful to have their little girl back!

In this way we see the Observer Effect in action and how when we observe something, we change it. My student saw the wave of glory and changed it, so it was no longer just a potential reality in heaven, but now it collapsed into a manifested reality on earth. Observation caused transformation.


Anointed to Be Observers

Next we want to look at how Jesus Himself actually called us to be observers. The way He put it is that we are called to be witnesses.

After Jesus died, was buried, resurrected and then came back to earth He gave some final instructions to His disciples. Right before He ascended to heaven, He told them to wait for the promise of the Father. We know the very last thing someone tells us right before they leave is most important. Well, the last thing Jesus said was, “Guys, don’t go ANYwhere until you’ve been baptized with the Holy Spirit.”

Now why would that be? Jesus went on to explain that then they would have power to be His witnesses (Acts 1:1-8). Jesus said that once Holy Spirit comes and baptizes us, we are empowered to be witnesses of Jesus.

Normally we Christians understand witnessing to be something we do with our mouth; yet everyone else knows that it is something we do with our eyes. That’s the dictionary definition: we witness and see something, so it’s all about observing. Just like the Eyewitness News shows us an event on TV. Or if we’re a witness in a courtroom, it’s because we saw a crime or saw an accident take place. First and foremost, in order to be a witness, we must be an observer and a seer.    

Jesus taught us that the baptism of the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of our hearts to the supernatural world that is all around us. It unlocks the spiritual dimension to us, so we have the power to see the spirit realm that permeates and infuses the physical realm. Holy Spirit anoints us to observe the kingdom of heaven that is so close, it’s within us (Lk. 17:21 KJV).

We know this is how Jesus lived. He said “I do nothing on my own initiative. I only do what I see the Father do and say what I hear Him say” (Jn. 5:19-20,30; 8:38). So for us to model Jesus, we need to be able to see what He and Father are doing, and hear what Holy Spirit is saying. Right now, we’re real-time witnesses and present-tense observers of the activity of heaven, that’s what Jesus was talking about in Acts 1:8.


The Secret

This is how we are able to fix our eyes on Jesus (Heb. 12:2), how we are able to set our mind on the Spirit (Rom. 8:5-6) and how we are able to look at the eternal things that are unseen (2 Cor. 4:18). Acts 1:8 is our how. We receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon us to be His witnesses. Witnesses of Jesus. Seers of Jesus. Lookers and watchers and observers of Jesus. Jesus wants a witness to His life – the One He’s living right now.

Now we understand that when we see the potentials God is showing us through our visions by day and our dreams by night, we create a visual agreement. This agreement is a bridge upon which these promises of heaven can cross. However, they remain in a spiritual state of possibility until someone on earth sees what God has made available, until someone observes it.

When we see snapshots of the spirit we are able to agree with them, releasing God’s blessing into our lives as manifested miracles. We release the revelation and resources of the kingdom into our world: collapsing the invisible into the visible, collapsing the unseen into the seen, collapsing the glory – bringing heaven to earth.


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