Resurrection Power: The Dead Are Still Being Raised!

I pray you are experiencing God’s supernatural love and power during this most holy of weeks. We know the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in us and gives life to our bodies (Rom. 8:11). We also know Jesus commissioned us to not only preach the gospel of the Kingdom, but to demonstrate it by healing the sick and raising the dead (Matt. 10:7-8). I want to share a testimony we received this week from one of our partner pastors who is doing just that!

Our ministries support missions around the world and our passion is to empower the body of Christ to live and walk by His Spirit. Many of these discipleship programs are in developing nations in Africa where Pastor Eric has been faithfully working with us to equip the saints using our training materials in Uganda. May his awesome testimony inspire you to release the miracles of Jesus through the power of His Spirit, doing the greater works (Jn. 14:12).


Pastor Eric’s Testimony

Greetings from our members and ministers. We have been in 21 days of prayer and fasting thanking God for what the Lord has done through you. We had such wonderful time and we also did some outreaches and prayed for our missions program for 2021.

Jesus is a souls winner, and we are so blessed by how much God loves us. Last week we went for door to door outreaches and we were led to nearby health facilities and prayed for the sick. Here a woman came crying that her husband is dead; they had bad accident and doctors checked on him and confirmed to them, that he will not survived.

I went with another minister with the aim to comfort the woman and her relatives, the man on bed lifeless. Immediately I felt God’s presence and I was encouraged to pray for him, I said God frustrated the will of the devil in his life now, and started thanking God for his life. He was there for over two hours; doctors left him saying they could not help and they knew he will not come back to life.

Immediately the man started rolling his hands and few minutes later opened one side of his eye! The man gained strength within a short time and the woman shouted for Jesus and people came around. One of the doctors came and checked the man and said he was breathing well and they carried him to operation room and started working on him.

They checked his head, fearing a broken skull but nothing affected his head. I and people around were amazed by what the Lord God has done. Our outreach bears much fruits – that day even over 100 gave their life to Christ Jesus just after this man’s testimony! Jesus is a souls winner.

The Doctor whom checked him at time of admission could not believe what the Lord God has done. He said is God who restored his life. The speeding car knocked him from behind, he was riding motorcycle and fell with his head, which is swollen and he could not see, nor talk, even could not move his body for over two hours but within the first 5 minutes of prayers he started moving his body. Our God is a miracle worker.

Other Miracles

Another testimony is that Charity posted a message about expecting miracles and The Power of Visionary Intercession. I shared the dream with people and the message Charity posted and most people began expecting miracles to happen. What amazed me were people’s testimonies last Sunday – so many members sharing powerful dreams and visions and people had testimonies!

We had people who had small businesses but the effect of the coronavirus lockdown made many to lose work. During this prayer time, 15 of the ministers got testimonies in a miraculous way especially from that very day she posted the article. It was a seasonal message for us as we prayed in that direction and God confirmed her message for the season.

Kindly keep us in prayers also for my vision of evangelism to come to pass. I have set up teams of 37 ministers for outreaches and crusade missions, but throughout 2020 we did not do much as the result of lockdown. But now we are a bit freer to have mini Crusades, however we need sound equipment for missions. What we had, we distributed to the churches we had planted.

Also pray we finish one of the churches in Aleka, some elderly are not able on some days to pray since its cold and at times we have prayers overnight. We have a building project, made the walls, but need doors, windows, cementing and flooring.

Thank you all. May the Lord God richly bless you all and continue using you!

Sow into the Sacred Supernatural

Praise God! It is so exciting to hear of all the testimonies they are experiencing, not least of which is miraculous healing of the man doctors had declared dead. Hallelujah! My favorite part is that as a result of this resurrection, over 100 people believed on Jesus! One man was raised from physical death to life and many more were raised from spiritual death to eternal life.

Pastor Eric’s story reminds me of when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, and many believed in Him (Jn. 11:43-45). May we all be ready to minister not only with persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of Spirit and power (1 Cor. 2:4-5).

It also reminds me of Jesus’ words, that unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains by itself alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit (Jn. 12:24). Through this man’s death and resurrection, many souls were brought into the Kingdom. And we know Jesus was speaking of His own death and resurrection, that because of it, all who believe on Him would become the “much fruit” and His reward.

Please join us in prayer for Pastor Eric’s discipleship outreach in Uganda. We also invite you to partner with us in sowing seed into this good soil. We are grateful for all God is doing through this ministry and it is an honor to work together with them, winning for the Lamb the reward of His suffering. Thank you for your generous giving.


My Prayer for You

I pray you have a glorious Resurrection Sunday and see God’s supernatural power flowing in unprecedented ways through your heart, life and ministry. May your health, finances, relationships and dreams experience a resurrection touch from Holy Spirit. I pray you know Christ and the power of His resurrection and that the Breath of Heaven Himself breathes new life into every corner of your world. Thank You, Father, for raising us up with Christ and seating us with Him in heavenly places. Thank You for doing abundantly more than we could even ask or think according to Your power that is working in us. We give You all the praise and honor and glory, in Jesus’ name we pray… AMEN.



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