A Christmas Dream: Santa & the Supernatural

I was blessed that the Elijah List posted my last blog on seeing in the spirit. I’ve received some wonderful feedback from readers who are using the article in their intercessors’ groups and prayer teams to teach that it IS biblical to look for vision. So thankful the message is resonating and these principles are being put into practice!


The Most Wonderful Time of Year

I love this sacred season and that we have a special time on the calendar set apart to honor Jesus’ birth. The date isn’t as important as the fact that we celebrate His birthday, and I hope you have a glory-filled season complete with all manner of dreams and spirit realm encounter.

It is significant that we can’t read more than a few verses of the Christmas story without tripping over an angelic visitation. The Bible is written as an example for us, so may we purpose to live like Mary, Joseph, Zacharias, and the shepherds and experience heaven breaking into our world at our churches, in our homes, and on our jobs. That is, in our everyday lives.

Whether it’s meeting angels during the day like Mary and Zacharias or receiving divine revelation and direction at night through our dreams like Joseph and the Magi, we see this is scriptural. Gratefully, we have not only God’s permission but also His encouragement to confidently and comfortably experience the sacred supernatural realm for ourselves. Connection with heaven is what we were made for!

We know Jesus is the true Gift and reason for the season and one of my favorite dream stories illustrates this truth in an unforgettably funny way. I love how it reveals glimpses of God’s playful personality! We know He sits in heaven and laughs, and He is inviting us to join in the fun too (Ps. 2:4).

Santa & the Supernatural

The setting from my waking life is that my husband Leo and I had been asked to lead a couples’ Bible study, and we quickly discovered we were the only Charismatics in the group. Though sincere in their faith, no one else was interested in pursuing the gifts of the Spirit, such as the gift of prophecy, the gift of healing, etc. This left me seriously questioning if we were the right people to be leading the group.

I was feeling stressed after one of these meetings wondering how I could authentically live out my supernatural relationship with God in a way that would be relevant and “salty,” showing the others how walking in the Spirit enhances the flavor of every part of life.

Dream: That evening I had a dream. It was like one of those Tim Allen Christmas movies where the old Santa Claus is retiring and needs to christen a new younger Santa Claus in his place. I was him. I wasn’t at all confident I could fulfill this role, but then I was bestowed with the magical Santa superpowers. With that special commissioning I was ready and excited about my new position and calling.

Interpretation: The key action of the dream was that I was being given a new responsibility, and the key emotion was that I didn’t feel confident about it. To zero in on which area of my waking life the dream is speaking to, I simply ask, Where in my waking world do I have a new responsibility that I’m unsure about? This helped me easily pinpoint God was speaking about leading the Bible study – the new “job” I felt unqualified for.

Through the dream I was able to see His perspective of the situation and that I wasn’t just with this group by chance; my steps were ordered by the Lord. I immediately understood that this was a picture of God equipping me with His supernatural grace and power for the new leadership position. I was very encouraged that He had clearly placed me there, and not only that, but His Spirit had also given me wisdom and anointing – the special superpowers – to minister effectively in the job He called me to do.

That was exciting! And at once I was peaceful and optimistic concerning the group and all the Lord wanted to do in and through us there. However, I did still have one small issue regarding the specific symbols used, and I did not hesitate to let God know about it. I mean, Santa Claus…really? I explained to Him that that was very unspiritual, not to mention entirely extra-biblical.

Jesus just laughed and said, “Aw, come on, Char. Don’t you get it? You are a carrier of My presence and presents. You’re bringing Me and My gifts to the group!”

Okay, God. I guess if You put it like that then You’re right: Santa is the perfect symbol to communicate Your message!


His Presence Is the Gift

And what was His message? What was the truth He was disclosing through the dream? The revelation was that as we are carriers of His presence, we are also inherently carriers of His presents. We are not able to represent Christ well without an overflow of His gifts through us. And as we live to our sacred union with Him, His life flows effortlessly through us to heal and serve and bless those around us.

Just like God explained, we are carriers of His presence, and where His presence is, the gifts are. So we can simply focus on Jesus and cultivating our personal relationship with Him, knowing that the fruit of unity always manifests in time. Father desires nothing more than to do life with us, sharing the unfolding journey together with His beloved children. So whether you are in school, at home, on the job, or in the gym, live to the glorious mystery of Christ in you. Live to your identity as a son or daughter of the King. Live to your sacred supernatural union with Holy Spirit.

Through spending time together with God Himself, we are infused with His Spirit in ever new and deepening ways. This results in transformative life – the peace, power, and presence of Heaven – to overflow into our world every day, in our everyday lives. We gratefully revel in God’s perfect design, original intention, and ultimate masterplan as we live to this truth: We are naturally supernatural carriers of His presents, because more than anything else, we are carriers of Him.


Take It Deeper

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May you have a blessed and beautiful Christmas season overflowing with His presence!


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