The 8-Year-Old Dream Interpreter

I am always encouraged when people share how easy it is to learn our dream work techniques and that they are finally able to understand what God has been speaking to them through their visions of the night.

Jesus said we must become like little children in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, so if we have made any part of our faith too complicated for a child to practice, we’ve made it too hard!

The next testimony comes from an amazing family in California who attended our Hearing God Through Your Dreams Workshop. Their eight-year-old son, Will, and his 10-year-old twin sisters, Grace and Faith, sat near the front with their parents for the entire workshop, asking thoughtful questions and even taking notes!

After we returned home, I received the following email from Will’s dad illustrating how Will put the DAESI Dream Work Method © and other workshop training to immediate use. Wait until you hear this!

“A few days after the seminar Will told us that he was teaching his friends in school how to hear God through their dreams. His best friend had a dream and wanted Will to help him see what God might be saying to him through it. 

Dream: In Will’s friend’s dream, he was riding his RipStik and fell down and got hurt. Then he got back up and continued riding. So Will walked him through the steps to hear what God was saying: 

Action: falling down, getting hurt, then getting back up. 

Emotion: fear, hurt, then comfort. 

Setting: In his waking life his grandfather had recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Interpretation: He has felt a lot of pain and sadness with his grandfather’s sudden and serious illness and it hurts a lot because he is close to his grandfather. God wants him to know that He is with him in this pain and that even though he feels like he has fallen down, he will get back up. 

“Will’s friend was very encouraged by this and immediately felt God’s peace and comfort in this painful time. I spoke with Will’s friend’s dad, who is my good friend, and he was very touched as well since the whole family has been struggling with this and they see the children are especially impacted. He was grateful that God was speaking directly to his children through their dreams, bringing comfort and peace.

“I love the faith that was built in our children from your teachings on dreams. I did not know they were teaching their friends at school to hear God through their dreams. Grace and Faith have also been teaching their friends how to interpret their dreams!

Praise God! I love this testimony and trust it is a huge blessing to your heart as well. If these precious children can interpret their own dreams, and help their friends understand God’s messages through their dreams as well, then YOU can too!

Translating the language God speaks at night is easier than you think. Learn more today.


Kiwi Connections

We are excited to let you know that we’ll be returning to the land Down Under! We have been invited back to New Zealand in 2020. We will be teaching in several churches during the month of February on the Sacred Supernatural – both dreams and angels.

If you are in that region of the world and interested in possibly hosting an event, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact our ministry tour coordinator in New Zealand, Pastor Sajan Easow, and he will be happy to give you more details and information. We hope to see you then!


© Charity Kayembe / Glory Waves Ministries





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