The Family That Dreams Together

It is such a blessing to receive your beautiful emails filled with testimonies of God’s love flooding your dreams and overflowing into your hearts and lives. Here is another incredible message I just couldn’t keep to myself. Tasha gave me permission to share a bit of her family’s dream journey together and I want to encourage you that what God is doing for them He will absolutely do in your family too!

Tasha’s Testimony

“I have to say that prior to coming to Christ 6 years ago, I was heavy into the ‘metaphysical world,’ but clearly listening to the wrong spirit. Our family has gone through your dad’s ‘4 Keys’ series over the last few years and when my husband (who was the one that brought me to Christ, and told me that the metaphysical world I was in was of the enemy) showed me your dreams book, I was absolutely hesitant. I said in my mind, ‘No way, not going down this road again, it’s hokey pokey, it’s of the enemy.’

But then God prompted me to watch the 1 hour video (that is free on your site), and I have to say, I was wrong. In fact, when I watched the dream interpretation that your dad did with the lady who had not had a dream in over 20 years, I thought to myself, had I made a vow to reject anything from the spiritual world for fear it would be satan? I repented of that vow and have known in my walk that satan counterfeits everything that God does. So why would dreams be any different?

I bless you on this journey that God has you on, and I have been so blessed by it. God has worked through me a number of times already to decode and interpret several of my children’s dreams…they are amazed at how God has spoken to them and how relevant their dreams are to their waking life.

I have 6 children, ranging from 1-17 years old. I actually believe from their reactions that this may be one of the first times they have truly seen God as real and personal in their lives…someone who truly speaks to them.

This is our most recent family photo. Sebastian, my husband, was taking the picture…L-R:  Trey (11), Fia (3.5), Jynae (almost 18), myself, Zach (21 months), Holly (15.5) & Bree (almost 13). The four older ones have brought several dreams up, and as I have gone through the dreams with them, the revelation has been encouraging, eye opening, and revealing into their personal lives, whether there be struggles or victories.

My husband, who has been a very detailed and vivid dreamer his whole life, has also experienced literal, jaw dropping revelation in his dreams as we have gone through and decoded them as well. This other way that God communicates, has really hit him in a good way. To see how God places in our hearts how He is feeling via pictures, has been such a key to my husband’s spiritual walk & mine. We have a very open and communicative family, so I feel like it is relatively easy to decode everyone’s dreams, as we know each other so well.

I just wanted to share with you how much your book & videos, etc., have been such a blessing to our family. We have just hit the tip of the iceberg, and we are all really excited to see how God speaks to us at night & apply those messages to our lives.

What I love about your teaching the most is how you use a lot of biblical examples. This has really made the Bible come alive for us as well, in a new way. So praise God that He is using you as a wonderful tool and is working through you in this incredible ministry! I am so interested in learning more, and I’ll be sad when we watch your last video and finish reading the books, and workbook.

One last thing… My husband and I have always been “night people.” After all of the kids are in bed, it seems to be the only peaceful time of the day. In fact, my husband has always said, “I hate the night, I wish I never had to go to sleep…I just want to stay up. It is such a waste of time.”

Now, isn’t it interesting, that God has answered our prayers, by letting us know (through you), that the night hours are just as important as the day hours, and that our dreams are a way that God communicates with us. So you guessed it, we have been going to bed earlier, because there is a very good reason to now!

Enjoy your day Charity, and continue to bless others with the gift God has given you!”


Want to Learn More?

Tasha and her family downloaded our Discounted Dream Mastery Package so you can get all the same teaching they did with that digital bundle.

For more training specifically on how to help your kids make sense of their visions in the night check out our chapter or DVD session on Darth Vader, Dragons, and the Dreams Children Dream (both included in the digital or hard copy Master Package).

And I just read another great book on kids and dreams by Stacey Linsalata: Culture of Dreaming Family Workbook. She has lots of fun object lessons and activities designed for little ones to learn how God speaks to them while they sleep and I encourage you to check out her wonderful ministry and materials at You’re never too young to start hearing from Heaven!


Dreams Crash Course

We’ve been receiving some awesome testimonies back on our new interpretation crash course training too. It’s exciting to hear how just a few simple keys unlock so much revelation! If you haven’t watched the three videos yet, definitely check them out FREE here:



Facebook Live Interview

Dad and I are looking forward to a Facebook Live interview with Michael Lombardo and Life Poured Out International next week. On Thursday, March 29th at 2:00pm EST we’ll be discussing our brand new book Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions.


We’ll be streaming the interview live on Facebook and invite you to Follow our Facebook page for updates and meet us there on Thursday. It will be interactive and a lot of fun and we hope that you can join us!

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