The Power of Visionary Intercession

Ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science both reveal that observation causes transformation. We know that as we gaze upon Jesus we are transformed into His glorious image (2 Cor. 3:18). We have also explored how quantum physics correlates with our walk in the Spirit. We learned about the “Observer Effect” and that a simple understanding of this principle states that when we observe something, we change it. Just our very act of looking at something affects it.

Physicists see this phenomenon when energy transforms from an invisible wave in the quantum realm to a manifested particle in our visible world. As believers living by the Spirit, we see this phenomenon when a scriptural promise transforms from a prophetic potential in the spiritual realm of heaven to a breakthrough manifestation and miracle in our physical realm of earth. And this happens, in part, because of where we choose to look.

My dad received an email testimony about our book Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions that powerfully demonstrates how the Observer Effect principle works in our spiritual lives. When a college student attempted to commit suicide, her mother observed to collapse a supernatural healing and miraculous intervention from Jesus Himself. We have permission to share their amazing story, which I trust will inspire you in your own visionary intercession with the Lord.


Visionary Intercession

“I just have to write and say thanks to you and Charity for this amazing book! The teachings have been life changing! I’m teaching this series to our Sunday school group now and it’s so rich! I have learned so much about healing and my prayer life is so different now. We all love the devotions too. So anointed!

I wanted to write to you both about one particular experience I had, which Charity explains in the book. On page 64-67, she explains Observation Causes Transformation. This is so fascinating to me, and explains a deep mystery that I had experienced. Before I read this section, I had a similar experience last fall. I was in prayer with the Lord and started to pray for my daughter who has struggles with mental illnesses including depression.

But this particular day I saw her in my prayer in her room, but there was thick white webbing stuff that almost went to the ceiling. I asked the Lord what this was and as I got closer I could see my daughter inside it. This alarmed me and I said Lord what is this? He let me see her close up and she was just lying there, it seemed like she was lifeless. Again I asked Him what’s wrong and He picked up her arm and it was limp. I knew this was very wrong and I was afraid.

I asked Jesus what do we do and He allowed me to roar at that white stuff. I roared, clawed and tore it away from her and then Jesus quickly came, picked her up and He did mouth to mouth resuscitation on her. This whole vision lasted about a day. Every time I could go back to it, because I was at work, I would see it continuing.

By the way I did text my daughter and I didn’t get an answer. This was the normal time for her to be in her classes so I didn’t really know what to do about calling the college to see if she was okay but was going to after her last class.

Throughout the day I saw this vision progress. Color started to come back into my daughter as Jesus continued to do mouth-to-mouth. The color went all the way down to her feet and there were little rainbows all over her. Jesus sat her up and she could sit on her own so I knew she was okay, but her eyes still had white stuff on them. I asked Jesus if He could heal her eyes and He touched them with His thumbs and held them there until the white stuff came off. Now she was sitting up and He was holding her and talking to her and I felt a lot better.

Finally my daughter texted me back and she said she’s fine, nothing’s going on, she’s okay. I called her that evening and she sounded fine but very busy. I was very puzzled about why I had this vision and experience. It wasn’t until a couple of months later that my daughter told me she tried to kill herself that day. She said she took a lot of pills but, somehow she woke up.

This was what happened that day – causing those waves to collapse and bring a miracle from the spiritual world with Jesus to my daughter.”


Vision Is a Bridge

Hallelujah! This beautiful testimony illustrates how we can partner with God through our prophetic prayers and visionary intercession. This precious mother saw the potential healing Jesus made available to her daughter, and she prayed into it. She saw what Jesus was doing and observed to collapse that miraculous intervention.

All healing, provision, favor and answers are available to us in Christ. We know that we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places (Eph. 1:3). And we see through this powerful example how vision is a bridge to move those blessings from heavenly places to earthly places as well, so they are no longer just prophetic promises in the spirit realm, but actualized realities in our physical world.


What About You?

Is there a promise God has made to you that hasn’t yet manifested? I encourage you to look with the eyes of your heart into the supernatural world and see what Holy Spirit is showing you. What is His version of the situation? Where we may only see lack, He sees abundant provision. Where we see pain and sickness, He sees health and healing. And just like this mother interceding for her daughter, where we might see death, He sees resurrection life. Look with eyes of faith and see your situation transformed, because observation causes transformation.


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