Two Exciting Announcements!

New Dream Work Tool Coming Soon!

I am very excited to share about a project we have been working on to help you keep track of your dreams and actively receive the wisdom and comfort God is offering you in the night. This one-of-a-kind interpretation app will not only provide an electronic space to journal your dreams on your phone through typing or voice-to-text recording, but will also help you decode the divine messages in them by assisting you in easily applying the principles of the DAESI Dream Work Method.

We have just concluded beta testing and received so much positive feedback from our users. We are thrilled to see how technology really can help us steward our dream revelation better! The app will officially be released on Google Play and Apple Store this summer. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available, so definitely keep an eye out for the email announcement coming to an inbox near you!

Thank you for your prayer cover over every aspect of this project. We can’t wait to equip dreamers with this powerful tool to hear from heaven while they sleep!


Hearing God Through Your Dreams Now in Spanish!

The other awesome news is that our Hearing God Through Your Dreams book has just been translated into Spanish! This has been a wonderful labor of love from our dear friends, and you can get a copy of the book now. Pastors Cris and Maru Gornes undertook this monumental project, and you are invited to learn more about it in the short video I recorded here.

In fact, Pastor Cris did an interview with me on all things dreams! We had a great time and have shared short clips of the Q&A. You’re welcome to watch the English videos, or the translated Spanish version, both posted on our ministry YouTube channel. And be sure to like the videos and subscribe to the Glory Waves YouTube channel so you’ll be notified whenever we post new content.

I have asked Cris and Maru to share a bit of their amazing testimony with you, so you can learn more about this power Kingdom couple and what God is doing in and through their lives and ministry. Enjoy!


A Word from Our Translators

We are so blessed to have this great opportunity that our beloved Charity gives us, to be able to share with you through her powerful blog and tell you a little bit of what we do ministerially, about our testimony, and about the great and loving God who intervened by rewriting the story of our lives.

My wife Maru and I grew up in a Hispanic culture. We are proud to say that we were born in one of the most beautiful countries in the world: Venezuela. Although both of us came from different backgrounds, we had something in common: music. We both like to sing. So that was the common ground that connected us and we met participating in the same musical group.

We became friends and after a while we got married. In addition to music, we both also ventured into different branches of art such as theater and movies. We also had the opportunity to record albums and travel around the country doing concerts.

At this point, neither one of us had a personal relationship with Jesus, so fame and what comes with it became somewhat disadvantageous and despite our multiple efforts to overcome the crises that arose, we eventually divorced.

From a very young age, I was passionate about North American culture. After the divorce, I decided that it would be the ideal time to continue developing my artistic career in Florida. So, I left my country, Maru and my two little children behind.

But God had in mind a greater plan. My eldest son, who was 6 years old at that time, began to have depressive episodes due to my absence, so Maru determined that it was best for my children to be close to me. So she embarked on the great adventure of selling everything and coming with both children to this country. In those days, my focus was not at all on parenthood or family. Therefore, Maru, seeing herself alone with two young children in a strange country, went into crisis and depression.

Certainly, the ground was set; Jesus was beginning to execute His plan. A Christian woman led by the Holy Spirit presented Maru with the gospel, and she surrendered her life to Jesus. This woman invited Maru to her church and they both consistently prayed for me. “These children need their dad.”

I always encourage people to not stop praying for their loved ones who don’t know Christ yet. Because I openly rejected Jesus and everything that had to do with church or the Bible. However, God, in a wonderfully loving and supernatural way, let me know that He was real, that He loved me and that my life in His hands would become an instrument of change, an instrument of the Kingdom.

Who could resist such love? So, I accepted Him as Lord and Savior, and the first thing I did was surrender myself to His grace and love to restore our marriage and our family. To Him be all the glory! We were healed and fully restored. We married again. Since that very moment, more than 20 years ago, His Spirit has kept burning fire by His presence and we have been collaborating with Him in the establishment of His Kingdom.

In the middle of last year as I read Matthew 13:52, the Holy Ghost showed me that there was a new need in His Kingdom:

“And He said unto them, therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the Kingdom of heaven is like the homeowner who draws out of his treasure new things and old things.”

At first, we thought it was just about being a bridge that would remove the gap between two generations, but over the next few months we saw it more clearly. The dots began to be connected. He spoke to me to be a bridge between two cultures: the Hispanic and the American, and between the generations as well.

From that revelation, we have seen how His grace and favor have manifested by giving us access to strong pillars of the prophetic movement here in the United States. He calls them His treasures.”

Charity Kayembe and her book has been one of them. After reading Hearing God Through Your Dreams and receiving a revelation of the teaching, Jesus told us, ¨Publish it and make it available to My children, to My house. Become with My grace one of the interlocutors of these two cultures, of these two generations.¨ Amen!

Cris and Maru Gornes


Spread the Message

We are so grateful to Cris and Maru for their time, expertise, anointing and vision of reaching the nations. We invite you to help us spread the message to all who could benefit! Let’s equip our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters to hear God through their dreams. Order online today!

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