Join Us at Our Hearing God Through Your Dreams
Lewiston Workshop November 9, 2019

As seen on CBN News and Sid Roth … Featured in Charisma Magazine and Elijah List … Live in Western New York!

Are there heavenly messages hidden in your dreams? Can you discover the meaning?
Find out how to translate the picture language God speaks at night and understand His revelation
through ALL your dreams… even the crazy ones.



“The best teaching I have ever seen on interpreting dreams. Team Virkler has made dream interpretation easy. 
No more ‘pizza dreams.’ Only messages from God!”
Sid Roth, Host of It’s Supernatural!

“Hearing God Through Your Dreams combines the genius of science, study of brainwave activity, quantum physics and so much more.
Charity picks up where I leave off and my ceiling has become her floor! I trust you will be impacted, educated and inspired by this next generation revelatory voice!”
From the Foreword by Dr. James W. Goll, Author of Dream Language

“I was greatly challenged and motivated to focus in again on the importance of dreams from the Lord. I am asking God in faith
to speak to me more than ever in dreams and revelations in the night. And do you know what…? He’s doing it!!”
From the Foreword by Dr. John Arnott, Catch the Fire / Partners in Harvest

“Charity is a deeply spiritual woman with so much to impart to the body of Christ. I heartily recommend her training
as an excellent resource that will open up and explain entirely new dimensions of experiencing God.”
Phil Mason, Author of Quantum Glory: The Science of Heaven Invading Earth


Workshop Details

This event is being hosted by What’s the Point Ministries from 10:00am – 5:00pm on Saturday.
The workshop is free and there is no registration so we invite you to bring your friends and join us for a fun day together!
Charity will also be teaching on the Ministry of Angels in the Sunday morning service at 10:00am.


Just look at some of the fascinating topics you will be exploring…

  • Why YOU, the dreamer, are the most qualified interpretation expert of your dreams
  • How interpretation is not a special gift bestowed on a few; it’s a skill anyone can learn
  • How quantum physics correlates with dream work and our spiritual walk
  • Why dreams aren’t weird, we just need to learn the language they’re speaking
  • How God gives creative solutions, strategies and inventions in our dreams
  • The prophetic nature of children’s dreams and how to understand their unique symbolism
  • The potential blessing of nightmares and recurring dreams, how God speaks through them, and what to do about them




“God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it. He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night,

when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds. He whispers in their ears…” (Job 33:14-16 NLT)

You will never look at your dreams the same way again!


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