Praise Report & Prayer Request

It is always a pleasure connecting with like-minded people who understand what an incredible gift our nightly dreams are!

Leo and I recently spent an hour Zooming with Dave, the producer of an upcoming documentary series on dreams. His assistant found me from an interview I did about Christian dream interpretation on CBN, and he wants me to share a strong biblical perspective on all things dreams.

It is not a faith-based project, so I’m very grateful for the opportunity to share God’s heart and how He desires to use dreams in our lives. I appreciate your prayers as I prepare! I want to make sure I get across the most important things… like God is with you, He sees you, He loves you. Your heavenly Father is your biggest fan, and He has so much encouragement to give you, He provides it all day AND all night!

I’m flying to Chicago this Tuesday, September 26th and we’ll be filming from 9:30am – 12:30pm on Wednesday the 27th. I’m thankful for an angelic escort for traveling and invite angels of technology to assist in every part of the recording and production.

Please pray a blessing on the film crew and the producer, that they have dreams from heaven and Jesus is revealed to them in even greater ways and they experience His great love for them. There are many other guests and experts being filmed for this series, and I’m believing that whether they realize it or not, they will each share another puzzle piece of revelation, that when all put together, a powerful picture of God’s design and intention for dreams clearly comes into focus.

I am purposing by Holy Spirit’s grace and power to rest in our sacred union, and that as I speak it will be His supernatural wisdom and words that are heard which will inspire those who are watching. I know when God’s truth is shared it resonates, so I’m grateful for His Spirit of Truth ministering to and through me and put all my trust in Him!

Thank you for agreeing with me that Dave and I will collaborate well together in the studio, as we have many questions to cover during our three-hour interview. We trust Father will help us prioritize what He wants shared and that we have an easy rapport and intriguing conversation that viewers will truly enjoy listening in on.

I am believing for God to use this documentary series to highlight the importance of dreams far and wide! Thank you for your powerful prayers that I flow with Holy Spirit and represent Jesus well and that He speaks through me. I’ll be sure to let you know the awesome ways God answers! And I will also be announcing when and where you can check out the series once it is available for online streaming.

May God’s heart be known as many more dreamers begin hearing from heaven while they sleep!

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