What readers are saying.

“I've just received my copy of ‘Hearing God Through Your Dreams’. I couldn't wait to tell you how thrilled I am… I'm already captivated! I absolutely love the style, the way you communicate, teach and share is so clear, easy to understand, based on real life, for everyone to grasp. Thank you so much!”


Isabelle Knockaert-Declercq

“I recently attended your Dreams conference. It was AMAZING! I attend quite a few major conferences, but if I were to pick just one to attend again, the Dreams conference would be my choice. I never realized how much of ‘God’ I was missing out on. You didn’t just give us information, you imparted revelation!!”


Diane Jacks
Vancouver, British Columbia

“You are so positive and encouraging! And I saw your videos and the quality of your teaching – it is from the heart and with authority. Thank you again!”


Anthony Yeulett

"I've been asking God for the interpretation of my dreams. You are heaven sent to me. This is amazing! You are amazing!!!! I am a dreamer - I'm having a lot of dreams and I don't want them wasted. I am so happy. Thank you sooooo much!!!"


Pearly Lancero

“I have just finished ‘Hearing God Through Your Dreams’ and wanted to let you know that it's the best book on dreams that I have ever read. It has just the right balance of teaching and experiential stories. I am now having God-dreams on a regular basis, making a few notes right away, and journaling them the next day…awesome!”


Mike Whate

Mississauga, Ontario

“Wow. What awesome revelations I received from God through YOU! Thank you for partnering with God to speak life into me. I feel fully recharged! I pray God increases His wisdom in you a hundredfold. God bless you for being a blessing to me!”


Sybil Hamada


“Your seminar was brilliant – clear, concise and powerfully presented. After emphasizing God’s fervent desire to communicate with us even as we sleep, you articulated the 4 key steps and elements of dream interpretation with charm and clarity.”


Pamela Jones


“That was awesome! Thanks for sharing your revelations and being so sensitive to the Spirit to write such biblically true and powerful stuff! Keep it coming.”


Brian Schrader


“The knowledge you shared has elevated my love relationship with the Lord in ways I do not have language to express.”


Siobhan Joseph


“Thanks for writing the book on dreams, it is amazing. I’ve read it three times and about to go for my fourth read. It has absolutely changed my life and I’m sharing with everybody about the importance of dreams. I can’t wait to sleep, hear God then interpret my dreams with the Holy Spirit. You are a blessing. Thanks for sharing your revelation knowledge with us.”

Mercia Scharneck

South Africa