NEW: German Translation & European Tour

We are thrilled to announce that Hearing God Through Your Dreams has been published in German! Special thanks to my amazing CLU students, Manuela Schilling for her outstanding translation work and Pastor Gideon Tuerpe for presenting the book to Glory World Medien publishing house in Germany. We are so grateful for your help spreading God’s word about dreams far and wide. You guys are a blessing!

If you live in Switzerland, you can get your copy here.

If you are in Germany, Austria or another European nation you can order your copy here.

If you are in the USA you are welcome to contact us as we do have a limited number of German books available here in New York.


Springtime in Europe

This time last year Leo and I were in the middle of our three-month trip circumnavigating the globe. What a whirlwind of adventure, ministry, and memories in the making! And now we are excited to let you know that we’re headed back to Europe next year. We can’t wait to see many of you again soon!

We have been invited to share our brand new workshop on Everyday Angels in Austria, Croatia, and Belgium. We will have a ministry tour in that region May 2019 and are currently building our itinerary. If you are in that area of the world and would like to host an event on the Sacred Supernatural – dreams, angels or hearing God’s voice – we’d love to hear from you.


Christmas Sale

Don’t forget to take advantage of our sitewide Christmas Sale going on now! Just use coupon code CHRISTMAS25 to receive 25% off everything in our store – including already-discounted items like packagesdownloads and our brand new USB flash drives.

May you and your loved ones have a glory-filled Christmas season!

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