Jesus’ Side of the Tracks

“I’m just not that into angels”

That was me and that was what I used to say and how I used to feel. It’s not that I had anything against them, it’s just that they aren’t “GOD”.

Because Father? He’s my Life. Jesus? The Lover of my soul. Holy Spirit? My best Friend. The Trinity – I’m all about them! Give me GOD. But angels? They’re just like… a side dish. An accessory. Maybe like an opening act of some kind. The Trinity is who I’m really into. Who’s better than God? Who’s bigger than God? Nobody’s more awesome and worthy and incredible than Him, right?

True, true and true.

But then Jesus, Who is Truth Himself, gave me His version of Truth which was even more true than my truth.



Jesus said, “Charity, how would you feel if before you were married when you were just getting to know Leo, if when you invited him to meet your family, he said, ‘No thanks. I’m not really into your family, I’m just into you.’”

“Or what if every time you invited him to hang out with your friends, he declined explaining how much he totally loved you, so he just wanted to focus on you and you alone? He wanted to be with you exclusively, but never wanted to be with your friends?”

Well, if Leo didn’t want to meet my family, didn’t want to come to my house, my neighborhood, have dinner with my parents, or hang out with my friends at least some of the time I’d take serious issue with that. Maybe he loves me? But he’s not very good at showing it.


If Jesus had homeboys, who would they be?

And so it is with me. How can I say I love Jesus, but don’t care about what’s important to Him? And who’s important to Him? Why should I insist that He always has to come to me, and get into my world? Shouldn’t I sometimes go over to His side of the tracks, spend time in His neighborhood, get to know His family, and hang out with His friends?

heart-of-godAngels, these sons of God that they are, have been a part of Jesus’ life since before time began. And as my angels clarified for me: Jesus is Love, and there’s really no off-switch with that. He can’t love me a lot and then love them a little or someone else not at all. He just loves. And there’s a lot to go around. More than enough for all of us.


What Love Does

Now that Jesus explained how He sees it and His perspective, I’m finally getting the revelation. Now I do hang out in the spirit realm with Him and His angels. I do “draw near to Him” by choosing to go where He is and meet Him there. I do get to know everyone in His world.

Because they’re important to Him, they’re important to me.

Because I care about Jesus. And because that’s just what love does.

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