Saved by Supernatural Guardians

In our Everyday Angels workshops, participants meet with Jesus during our visionary activations, and He likes to introduce them to their guardian angels. People then come forward to share powerful testimonies of what the Lord of Hosts and His heavenly hosts showed them. Many times, they are moved to tears because they see “flashbacks” from their lives of when angels were protecting them, even though they weren’t aware of it at the time, and often even before they had put their faith in Christ.

Indeed, that is what Scripture tells us, that angels are ministering spirits sent to serve those “who will inherit salvation” (Heb. 1:14). What a gracious God to assign supernatural guardians to watch over us our whole lives. Since they guard us in “all our ways,” that means they are always with us (Ps. 91:11-12). Of course they are. Father knows best, and He’s thought of everything!

Below is an example of exactly what I mean. Ray Fisher has been a wonderful friend of our family for many years. I first heard this harrowing angel rescue story when I was a little girl, and I have never forgotten it. I know you will be equally impacted by the dramatic testimony, so I asked him to share it with you here.


Angel Rescue

I have been protected from a lot of crazy things over the years. One of the most significant happened even before I was a Christian, back in 1974 when I was 31 years old. I had a boating accident when I was fishing with my girlfriend’s brother, Randy. We were near Wilmington, North Carolina and a Nor’easter was heading in. We knew spot fish came then, and we could make some good money, so we grabbed our beer and fishing nets and took our chances with the storm.

It turned bad quickly and we haphazardly drew the nets and threw them on the bow of the boat. Once we started moving, though, the nets fell off and became tangled in the motor. This caused the boat to turn so sharply to the left that Randy and I were both thrown overboard into the ocean.

I was okay but Randy was tangled in the net, so I went to help him. I managed to free him, but in the process became entangled myself. I was under water, and I couldn’t get free. The boat kept circling overhead. It circled around 10 times. By that point, I was so exhausted from the struggle that I knew I was going to die.

The eleventh time the boat passed by, it caught me, and the 115 horsepower Mercury outboard motor tore through the brachial artery of my right arm. I actually saw fish nibbling on my flesh, but I didn’t feel a thing. I somehow managed to swim to shore and drag myself up onto the beach. Blood was gushing everywhere, and I still knew I was going to die.

All I could remember to pray was, “The Lord is my shepherd. The Lord is my shepherd,” over and over again. As I did, the Heavens were opened and I saw behind the veil into the spirit realm. There were angels battling over me. Angels with armor of light were protecting me from the onslaught of angels with armor of darkness.

The next thing I knew I was being transported to the hospital. After several months, I eventually recovered, which was a miracle nobody expected. I still even have use of my right hand! I ended up coming to Christ three years to the day after this boating accident.

After I got saved, I eventually asked the Lord about that day and where He was during my accident. I knew that angels were with me on the beach, but where were they when I was trapped underwater and under the boat? Why weren’t they protecting me from getting my forearm shredded by the motor?

Immediately, I had a supernatural flashback to the scene, and saw what actually happened, from God’s perspective. I saw myself desperately flailing. My body was floating upward toward the surface of the water and directly into the path of the motor.

I realized that just at that moment, an angel shoved me downward, deeper under the water, to prevent my head from colliding with the motor. My arm was still floating higher in the water above my head, so it did get struck. However, if the angel had not pushed me down deeper and out of the way, then it would have been my head which struck the motor. Of course, that would have been fatal.

I knew I was much deeper under the surface of the water than I should have naturally been. I just never realized why. At that moment, I received an even greater revelation of God’s heart and His love, and how He has faithfully protected me my whole life. Even before I was living for Him, He had His angels watching out for me and fighting for me.



Praise God! There are so many lessons to take away from this amazing testimony. You can be encouraged in that you have always been seen. You have always been known. You have always been loved. How comforting to realize that even before you ever believe in Jesus, He believes in you, and He has never left you alone.


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