A Prophetic Dream: God on Trial – Part II

One of the reasons God speaks through a picture language at night is because the symbolism is so rich. There are often many levels and layers of meaning for us to discover. In our last article I shared my “God on Trial” dream and an initial interpretation of the message. If you haven’t seen it yet you can read Part I of this dream story here.

Another important layer of revelation is the crucial role our testimony plays in reaching others. Just as in the dream I was wrongly accused of being cruel and unloving, so too is God often accused of being cruel by those who do not know Him. It is the testimony of His kids that is needed to demonstrate to the world that He is loving and kind and He is with us through the pains of life and He does redeem them for our good. He has demonstrated His love toward us and all the world, but without our testimony, everyone believes the lies of the accuser.

But there’s even more. Through two-way journaling I asked Holy Spirit for His perspective and what He wanted to share. He is our Teacher, so what is He wanting to teach us? Which points is He highlighting and what does He not want us to miss? That’s where we pick up our conversation today…


Heaven’s Point of View

God said: Right, so you were identifying with My “needs.” While I am sovereign and omnipotent, you know that I voluntarily limit Myself to the prayers and professions of My kids. I’ve put them in charge of their planet, so what they say goes (Gen. 1:28). I honor the power I have entrusted to them – for better or worse (Ps. 115:16).

The dream is allowing you to feel how I feel, to identify with Me. In the dream you were representative of Jesus, innocent though sentenced to death, yet still alive. I do want you – during this next holy week leading up to Resurrection Sunday – to identify with Me. Identify with My life, with My death, with My burial and resurrection, and with My ascension. I want you living – right now – the ascended life (Eph. 2:6).

And part of that is recognizing the power of the word of your testimony. That everything hangs – in your life, at least – in the balance. What you say goes (Prov. 18:21). You get what you speak (Matt. 12:37). It’s simple really, but because many don’t understand this principle, they speak death and then are surprised when that is what they experience – death of a business, death of a relationship, sickness and disease which is slow physical death.

I’ve done My part of The Miracle. Jesus already died on the cross, was raised from the dead, and Holy Spirit was poured out. That Miracle enables and gives life to all other miracles (Rom. 5:17). You overcome through My blood on the cross and through the word of your testimony. Your testifying to My goodness, brings more goodness. Your testifying to My outpoured love and grace multiplies it back to you. Your testifying to My financial prosperity and abundance creates that windfall in your world.

It’s up to you. It’s up to the power of your testimony. Letting others know how much I love you and what that looks like in your life. Not bragging, but letting them know that this is how well I treat My favored children… and you’re ALL My favorite!

I’ve given you My power in your world. By speaking My words and speaking truth about Me – you create My world in your world (Heb. 11:3 KJV). You create heaven on earth. You cannot overestimate the power of your testimony. And what is your testimony? That is actually what this dream was about.

You had thought your testimony was your “conversion” experience around “when you said the prayer.” But I’m showing you it’s So. Much. More. Just like in your dream, you needed Josh’s kids to testify about your love for them and their love for you. They needed to speak of your constant kindness and always goodness towards them. They needed to share the truth that you never hurt or harm them, but always hold and heal and help them.

Your testimony is a testimony to My love. How I love you, and how much I love you, and what My love looks like to you and in your world. How kind and patient I am with you. How gracious and generous I am to you. How I protect and watch over you and bless you with every good thing. How I delight in your prosperity and peace – nothing broken, nothing missing.

So your “testimony” is much bigger and broader than a single moment in time, where you did something (prayed a prayer). Instead, your testimony is a recollection of My faithfulness over a lifetime. Day in and day out, what I do with you, and to you, and for you.

You’re not boasting when you’re thankful for your blessings, because that’s what they are – blessings and gifts that were given to you. Scripture talks about boasting in Me. You can boast in My goodness and brag on My faithfulness and abundant provision and prosperity. Because you recognize they are all gifts from Me. Presents poured out from your beloved Father and doting Dad.

So you see it’s not as much about you and what you did as much as it’s about Me and what I’ve done for you. That is your testimony: My goodness to you, My care for you, My love of you – for a lifetime. That is your testimony. And that is what overcomes the world.


How We Overcome

I trust the takeaway revelation is clear. In the dream, even though I adored my nieces and nephew and wanted nothing more than to express my love and kindness to them, it was really up to them. At that moment, my hands were tied. My power to bless them hinged on the word of their testimony. If I stayed locked up, I wouldn’t be free to express my love for Josh’s kids in all its fullness, spending time with them, squeezing them in close hugs and showering them with gifts and surprises.

So too, even though our heavenly Father loves us and wants nothing more than to prosper us in every way, we will not be able to freely experience all the love and blessings He intends for us if we do not conquer the accuser and his lies with the truth of our testimony of God’s forever faithfulness.

We overcome through our testimony about Him, through testifying of Father’s goodness and grace. This releases Him to be all He wants to be toward us, enabling Him to lavish us with His extravagant love and extraordinary blessing.

In the dream, all that was needed was the word of the children’s testimony. And so it is with us. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, and now we understand a little more fully what that actually means.


Going Deeper

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