An Everyday Angel of Provision

Happy New Year! We are so grateful for all of the blessings of 2019 and are excitedly looking forward to the brand new year (and decade!) ahead. We want to share with you some of the praise reports of what God has been doing and some updates of where we are headed next!

I was honored to have my interview with Guideposts’ Mysterious Ways magazine be the featured cover story for their November issue. If you didn’t see it yet, you can check out my Q&A with them here.


Then earlier this month The Elijah List posted another one of my articles on their site as well. Praise God for breathing on this message and getting His word about dreams out far and wide! You can hear from heaven through your visions of the night, every single night.


An Everyday Angel of Provision

Last spring we did a ministry tour in Europe activating believers into the angelic realm. I usually say that the end of the workshop is really just the beginning, because now you know how to step into the sacred supernatural and can continue to do so any time, all the time!

Receiving emails after we’ve come home of people doing exactly that, living to the Kingdom of Heaven in their everyday lives, is so encouraging. Below is an especially fun testimony I just had to share. Lizzi from the UK writes…

“I have loved reading your Dreams book – I think right at the end you say something like we need to honour God for the dreams He gives us – and I had to repent because I had always said I don’t dream, or can’t remember them, but if God is speaking to me in the daytime I get excited and now I get excited because He is speaking to me at night. And the dreams He sends have been so perfect each time – so I am telling all my friends to get your book and learn to understand what God is saying to us in the nighttime!!

“Now I have started reading your Everyday Angels book, and right at the beginning you say that angels can be fun and straightaway I met another of my angels called Livia (Livi) who makes me grin every time I think of her. She’s such a help, too! I was bemoaning the fact that we were going to a wedding and doing the ‘prayers’ bit and I had nothing to wear that was suitable and that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I might only wear once. So I asked Livi to help me and guess what (God is SO good), I was clearing out a box of stuff and found a bag with £100 in it!! I remember ages ago selling a wardrobe and hiding the money for a rainy day – guess what – it’s raining today!!!”

I love it! Does God care about our clothes? Of course He does. He’s a loving Father who cares about what we care about. And He is also extremely practical. In 1 Kings 19:5-8 we see that when the prophet Elijah was hungry, an angel brought him a cake baked on hot coals (the original angel food cake!). The principle we can learn from this biblical story and apply to our lives is that supernatural provision is available to us. God already has everything we need in Heaven, and often angels are the carriers who deliver those resources to us. Thank You, Jesus, for the ministering spirits You have assigned to bless and assist us (Heb. 1:14)!


Everyday Angels Kiwi Tour

Leo and I are gearing up for another big ministry trip Down Under! A couple of years ago we had the privilege of teaching there, equipping in dream work and understanding the language God speaks at night. Now we have been invited back to activate believers into the angelic realm. We will be speaking in some of the same locations and are excited to see some familiar faces. We also have some new cities added to the itinerary this time and are looking forward to making new friends too!

We have several events in New Zealand during the month of February 2020 and if you live near the areas we’ll be speaking at, we would love to have you join us in person! You can find dates and locations on our website.

We also ask for your prayers as we travel half-way ALL the way around the world! Leo and I are believing for a wonderful time filled with safety, health, anointing on all the sessions, and supernatural Kingdom encounters for all the workshop participants.

Thank you so much for joining us in prayer. We can’t wait to see all God will do!

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