Angelic Activation Around the World

We had an amazing time in Europe last month and are so excited about all the Lord did! In every city we taught on how to safely and biblically engage the angelic realm, and in every city Jesus introduced His kids to their guardian angels. We are excited to share some of their awesome stories with you!

In Austria, one workshop participant met her angels and they extended friendly handshakes as Jesus introduced them. 


At the same event, Pastor Elisabeth describes her encounter with Jesus and meeting her two angels, Strength and Blessing. 


One older woman in Croatia was a little nervous to meet her angels, but Jesus prepared a picnic lunch for her and them, and she was happy to make their acquaintance. They were kind and gentle and she was very glad to meet them. In Belgium one of the guys met his muscle-bound angel while another lady was taken on a boat to “sail in the spirit” with Jesus and her angels. What a trip!

Below is the extraordinary testimony of a gentleman sharing how he spent most of his evening conversing with his angels after the workshop. They were all having so much fun laughing and talking together, he hardly slept at all that night!


The United Kingdom

We had an amazing time in England and Wales too! One of the lovely ladies we met, Judith, had read Everyday Angels before we arrived and had already begun partnering with the angelic. My favorite story of hers happened in Switzerland, and I’ve asked her to share it with you here:

“We were in the House of Prayer in Basel facilitating a Father’s Heart week with David and Faith. Towards the end of the week, after one of the sessions in which David had been speaking about our authority as sons and daughters, I saw that there were angels lined up down each side of the hall. Each angel had a national flag. Then I realised that they were waiting to be released into action.

“I encouraged the people there to stand if they knew that Father had put a nation(s) on their heart and to speak out the name of that nation. People began to stand and speak out the names of the countries on their heart. As they did so, the angels were released and began to move, taking the flags and flying from the room in different directions, having received their commissions.” 

Amen! We are co-laborers with the company of Heaven and this is an excellent example of how we can work together with them as partners in the harvest, accomplishing Father’s Kingdom purposes on the earth. Psalm 103:20 explains that angels hearken to the voice of the word of the Lord, so as we give voice to God’s word and speak from His heart, angels are activated to fulfill those assignments.


Closer to Home

Then this week Leo and I drove down to Randy Clark’s School of Ministry and taught at their Summer Intensive. Wow! There are 150 students from 15 nations and they are so expectant and hungry for all God has for them. It was an honor to equip them to step more easily and fully into the sacred supernatural through hearing God’s voice, understanding His dreams, and working with His angels.

Beautiful testimonies of two-way journaling and angelic introductions were shared. One gentleman told me, “I am excited. I’ve been a Christian 42 years, but what I’m learning here is all new to me!” The best part is that he immediately turned around and began sharing what he was learning with others. Yes, we are blessed to be a blessing. Love that!


What About You?

Have you asked Jesus about your guardian angels yet? What are you waiting for? Now is your time!

I am thrilled to let you know that our free monthly video event for June is Everyday Angels. You can learn how to safely and biblically engage the sacred supernatural and begin partnering with the company of Heaven!

Register free online to watch the complete video series right from your home starting next week. Enjoy!


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