Dream Keys Podcast: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of Our App

Amazing appAs I’m typing, I actually get the interpretation.” – D. G.

That is what we love to hear! We continue to be exceedingly blessed by your wonderful testimonies of how God is using the Dream Keys app to deepen and strengthen your relationship with Him. It is an honor to be part of your spiritual journey and we are grateful for the reviews you are posting and stories you are sharing. Praise God for His contingency plan of dreams!


Dialogue Down Under

I had the best time being interviewed this month on The Table podcast with Zoey and Jenna. They are based in New Zealand, and Zoey had attended one of our workshops on the North Island in February 2020.

We dove deep into all things dreams, including discussing our brand-new interpretation app! It was fun to share some of our behind-the-scenes journey in the brainstorming of the app, why we designed and built it the way we did, and how I personally use the app in my own dream work.

These ladies are epic dreamers and asked such insightful questions about interpretation – and application – of our nightly downloads from heaven. And as a total bonus, you’ll get to enjoy their lovely South African and Kiwi accents!

We invite you to listen in on our lively conversation on Spotify or Apple Podcast today!



Is the Dream Keys App Really Free?

YES, it is! You are welcome to download and try out the app at no cost! We wanted to equip as many dreamers as possible with this powerful tool for unlocking their dreams. That means you get all the core features you need to begin recording and decoding your dreams in our Basic version, which you can install free of charge.

Below is the list of features you get with this Basic version. Further down, you will see the extras included with the Premium version. If you’d like those bells and whistles, it is just $1.99 per month.


Dream Keys app offers the following FREE features:

  1. Voice-to-text transcribing to easily record your dreams.
  2. Ability to add to, edit and save your dreams.
  3. Dreams arranged by date for easy reference.
  4. Create your own dream library and personal symbol dictionary.
  5. Receive the latest updates and features.
  6. Access our introductory Dreams Crash Course.
  7. Learn a simple, step-by-step way to interpret your dreams.
  8. Experience our exclusive DAESI Dream Work Method.
  9. In-app purchase available to dive deeper into dreams.
  10. Access your dreams and symbols from any device using the same credentials (so even if you lose or damage your phone your dreams are still safe, stored securely in the cloud).


Dream Keys app offers two subscription options with the following premium benefits:

  1. Unlock unlimited cloud storage to save as many dreams and symbols as you want.
  2. Unlock the Search feature. Search your dream and symbol dictionaries for quick reference and review.
  3. Unlock the Delete feature. Enjoy the option of removing dreams or symbols at any time.
  4. Unlock the Share feature. Easily share your dreams and interpretations through email, text, and social media.


We invite you to download the Glory Waves’ Dream Keys app directly from the App Store or Google Play:


Dream Keys will help you unlock the meaning in all your dreams… even the crazy ones. Try it for free today!

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