Dream Work 101: Dream Recording Tools

We just returned from two awesome dream workshops in Canada! It was exciting to meet so many of you in person and we’re grateful that some drove in from two and even four hours away to join the events. It is inspiring to see your desire and dedication to meet with your heavenly Father nightly and I’m excited to hear the testimonies of all He continues to do in your life through dreams. Bless you guys!

Pastor Joe Garcia hosted us at the River International Church in Hamilton and shared with the group how he usually records his dreams. Never one to be far from his phone (!) Pastor Joe makes sure to have it near his bedside while he sleeps so when we wakes up in the middle of the night he can easily voice record whatever he just experienced in his dream. He explained that he’ll often go to another room just so he doesn’t awaken his wife, but that’s easy to do, and the best part about using his phone is that it doesn’t require turning on any lights!

I, too, sometimes use my cell phone for recording dreams and we recently ran a poll on our Facebook page about this very topic. It always surprises me when people say they don’t understand their dreams or have trouble remembering them, but they also quickly admit to never writing their dreams down. This is a fundamental principle for dream work, as we must first record the dream in order to have something to interpret. Dr. Shirley Camplin, one of our recent CLU graduates, has more to share on this important foundation to making sense of our dreams.


Daniel’s Dream Tips – by Dr. Shirley Camplin

Once we acknowledge that our dreams during the night are valuable, we realize we want to recall them. One of the best ways to recall our dreams is to write them down the following morning. In the Bible it is stated that Daniel wrote his dreams down and the most profound interpretations resulted. Daniel 7:1 – “In the first year of Belshazzar king of Babylon, Daniel had a dream, and visions passed through his mind as he was lying in bed. He wrote down the substance of his dream”. Writing down your dreams is important. Someone once told me, if you see someone successful, you copy what they do!

In our daily lives, we write out our goals, our daily schedules, our grocery lists, our “To Do” lists and so forth. We keep calendars on our technical devices and written lists everywhere. Goodness, we even voice record what we want to remember. Dreams should be just as important, if not more so, as this is counseling during the night we are receiving from our loving Creator, Almighty God.

Consider this, have you ever awakened from a dream feeling exuberant, or really low? Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real you had to shake yourself out of it? Dreaming is a natural process that happens to every human. Some dreams are vivid; some we forget as soon as we wake up. However, did you know that recording your dreams every day can reveal a very important part of your personality? 



The Glory Waves Facebook poll showed approximately two-thirds of total voters keep a journal beside their beds to write down what they recall the following morning. One-third of voters reported using loose-leaf paper, and only a few people said they used voice recorders via their phones. Thus, we are heading in the right direction as we are taking our dreams seriously by recording them.

In addition, writing down dreams is not some newfangled idea, but comes highly recommended by well-known therapists. Recording our nightly dreams on a daily basis helps track patterns over time and reveal some very important psychological principles that are responsible for shaping your personality.

If you carefully nurture the habit of writing down your dreams, you will be surprised to learn all the deep-seated things about yourself which our heavenly Father wants to counsel you on and give you peace about. You can make it an important part of your internal personal journey that will offer invaluable insight into most of the things you are dealing with on a daily basis.

So, what is the best tool to record your dream? Loose paper, a journal, a recording via a phone? Personally, a journal is the best place for me and here is why. A journal is a group of papers that are bound together and is easy to keep in one place versus sheets of paper here and there. Have you ever lost a sheet of paper? Memories of going to school and losing homework definitely comes to my mind. A famous excuse – Oh, it must have fallen out of my notebook on my way to class. To avoid this kind of thing happening, a bound journal is the solution. Also, if you are using a journal, you have all your dreams in one place (easy to locate in a hurry), in chronological order, and plenty of writing space.

Another reason why I like to use a journal is I can write down my interpretation, my pondering, and the action I take upon knowing what my dream means. And yes, we can live out of our dreams on a daily basis doing this! We become intercessors in our own life and the lives of others. Life becomes so much easier when we allow God to do the hard work for us and we just follow His guidance.

In conclusion, if you are someone who is intrigued by the nature of their dreams and want to analyze what they mean, then journaling is an absolute must for you. It does not have to be anything complicated. The only thing that matters is that we record it and then review it with our heavenly Father’s guidance.


Want to Learn More?

Amen to that! And speaking of recording our dreams, I’ve also found that penlights are super helpful when writing in the dark. So whatever tool works best for you, use it. The last thing we want is to lose the memory of the dream, so definitely try out different devices to see what is comfortable and you like the most. Only once we’ve captured the dream do we then have something to decode and decrypt and receive heavenly messages through.

If you’d like to learn more about how to translate the language God speaks at night through your dreams, we invite you to explore our books and DVDs or one of our deeply Discounted Dream Mastery Packages.

Better yet, join us live at an event near you! We would love to meet you in person. Until then… sweet dreams!

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