Dream Declarations & Activation

Through a little verse in Proverbs, God let us in on a great big secret: Life and death are in the power of our tongues (Prov. 18:21). This principle is confirmed in the book of Job, revealing that when we declare a thing, it is established (Job 22:28). These Scriptures make it clear that we are like our Creator Father in whose image we were made. Just as He did, we create our world with our words (Heb. 11:3).

Because we want to apply these scriptural secrets to our lives, we make it a point in our dream workshops to declare truth together. We take time to speak life over ourselves in order to establish in our hearts the new revelations we are learning. We purpose to lock these truths down deep into our spirits by decreeing in faith God’s Word and His principles.

Seminar participants always enjoy this interactive part of the workshop and it’s fun when people really get into it! Then during the Q&A I’m sometimes asked if I can repeat the dream declarations so they can be copied down exactly and prayed into at home. I love that passion and decided to post them here in order to be easily accessible and available for everyone. Hopefully these bullet points cause you to remember some of the stories and their key principles you learned when we were together. I pray Holy Spirit breathes on these words and the prayer below, activating you in an even greater way, by His grace and power, into His supernatural world of dreams!


Dream Declarations

Remind yourself of all the wonderful ways God uses dreams to minister to you as you speak these truths aloud and from your heart.

              • Observation causes transformation!
              • I am a witness of Jesus, and the life He is living.
              • In my dreams at night, I observe heaven…
              • And I collapse that glory and bring heaven to earth!
              • Dream interpretation is fun!
              • I’ll never look at dreams the same way again.
              • God counsels me at night through my dreams!
              • I’m going to decode the messages He speaks at night.
              • I see why God uses pictures in dreams!
              • I love the picture language God speaks at night.
              • Thank You, God, for engaging my heart through dreams.
              • I’m becoming fluent in the language You speak at night!
              • If Lynn can do it, I can do it.
              • This is my dreams surf camp!
              • I’m learning all the skills I need for dream work.
              • I’m going to hear God through my dreams!
              • Father God, thank You for the dream form of meditation.
              • Thank You for moving truth from my head to my heart.
              • God, thank You for restoring Your super to my natural.
              • Thank You for writing Your Word on my heart through dreams!
              • Kids are prophetic and sensitive to the supernatural!
              • God speaks to children in their dreams.
              • I will honor children’s visions of the night…
              • And I will help them interpret and act on God’s messages to them!



Prayer of Activation


Dear heavenly Father, You are so awesome. We thank You for Your heart for us and that You always want to connect with us. Thank You so much for dreams and communicating to us through them.

If we have not honored dreams in the past, we repent for that. We change our thinking to line up with Your thinking and perspective, God. We know You spoke in the Bible through dreams over and over again and You want to do the same thing in our lives today (Job 33:14-18).

We purpose in our heart by Your grace to honor dreams and receive Your revelation through them. We know interpretations belong to You and we thank You for Your Spirit’s power that helps us remember our dreams and translate Your messages through them (Gen. 40:8; Jn. 14:26).

God, we see in Scripture how You not only spoke through dreams, but even spoke through nightmares (Gen. 15:12-14). We see how You warn and protect us through these dreams, so we choose to honor them too (Matt. 2:22). Thank You, Father, that You transform bad dreams into blessings. We purpose to hear from You through ALL of our dreams and act according to Your counsel.

Your Word says You give to Your beloved in our sleep (Ps. 127:2). Thank You that You declared You would reveal Yourself to us in visions, You promised You would speak to us in dreams (Num. 12:6). Thank You that Your Word says that You visit us in the night and give our hearts counsel and instruction while we sleep (Ps. 17:3; 16:7).

We pray that the eyes of our hearts would be enlightened, that we would see You and hear You in our visions of the night (Eph. 1:18). Father God, thank You that the dream is certain and its interpretation sure, and that You will do whatever is necessary to get Your message through to us because You love us so much (Dan. 2:45).

Father, thank You for Your relentless pursuit of our hearts. Thank You that when we are asleep our hearts are awake to commune with You, our Beloved (Song of Songs 5:2). Thank You for Your contingency plan of dreams. You are amazing, God. You thought of everything!

We love You so much, we honor You, and we bless You. In Jesus’ name we pray… AMEN.




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