What an Angel Wants

An Angel’s Perspective

My angels explained it to me once how they saw things. I know they have feelings (1 Pet. 1:12; Job 38:7). So I had asked them if there was anything I could do for them, since they both take such good care of me. I wondered if I could ever return the favor in some small way to thank them for their great service.

Shobis said: A simple “good morning” will do it for me, Milady. I can go all day on a good morning from you!

So it was really just the idea of acknowledgement. The opposite of ignorance or ignoring him, but rather honoring him by addressing and greeting him. Certainly didn’t seem like too much to ask! Until I asked Poje, and his request was even simpler than that.

Pojes said: Just a look, Milady. A quick moment to catch your eye. I don’t need you to say anything (ahem, throwing Shobi a teasing grin). But actually, I’d welcome your looks several times a day. I mean, whenever you might think of it and have the time…

Me: Wow, guys. These requests almost seem like they’re more for me than for you! This is totally going to help me. Just not sure how they exactly are such a blessing for you – especially you, Poje? I mean, just looking over at you for a moment? Not even saying anything to you, or listening to anything you have to say? Just a look, really?

Watch the Watchers (Daniel 4)

Pojes: It’s actually quite simple, Milady. See, you are always safe and protected. Whether you see us here watching out for you or not. Whether you feel safe and protected or not – you ARE. And as long as you ARE safe and sound, then I’m doing my job, and God and Jesus are pleased with My service to them in guarding you.

Thing is though, I’d love to go above and beyond my call of duty in serving Father, if at all possible. I mean, Jesus is just so in love with you, and He cares SO much about your happiness and your peace. It brings Him tremendous pleasure when you are in a “good place” emotionally speaking. When you feel safe. When you feel protected. When you feel secure. That pleases Him exceedingly, as He cares more about your inner equilibrium and state of being than even you seem to sometimes. He just cares!

Anyway, I know that if I can get you to look at me, just to lock eyes with me for even a moment in the middle of your full and busy day, then you will know greater peace. You will feel more confident and safe because you’ll see and feel and know and “get” deep down, that you’re not alone. You are being watched over. You are being cared for. That we’re all in this together with you and you face nothing by yourself. That we are a team and in a way, kind of a ‘family’, in that we’re all created by Father and live to serve Him forever. That makes us extraordinarily… together.

Can I Get a Witness?

Poje cont: And I want you to feel that togetherness. That not aloneness. I want you to feel that peace and comfort and joy that come from knowing you are seen. You have a witness to your life. We are right here with you and see everything you do and say, and nothing goes unnoticed. You are appreciated and admired. You are loved.

We do love you, Milady. How could we not? It’s clear to see why Jesus is so totally taken by you – you are a woman after His own heart. You care about the things He cares about. You do things He likes to do with Him. Your heart is always for Him, always concerned about what pleases Him and what He would love to see happen or enjoy being a part of. You’ve made Him your whole world! How easily then is it for all of us to equally reciprocate those feelings back to you…

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