A Dream of Unforgiveness

I love hearing from readers who put the principles I teach into practice and become their own master interpreters. The dreamer is always the best person to make sense of the dream and the testimony below illustrates this brilliantly.

The dreamer knows what the symbols mean to them personally. The dreamer also is intimately aware of what is going on in their waking life before they have the dream. Whatever we are thinking about during the day is what God is going to address and speak to us about at night while we sleep. Obviously, we know what we’re thinking about better than anyone else, so this empowers us to be the expert interpreter of our own dreams.

In our free interpretation app, Dream Keys, you are provided a template to record your dream which in turn equips you to make sense of it. And one of the best ways to get a feel for interpretation is to see how it works in real-life dreams. In this beautiful testimony, Brianna Lapp easily unpacks her vision of the night using the Dream Keys method and you’ll find her interpretation is full of prophetic revelation and instruction not just for herself, but for us as well.

As Brianna shared, she was brand new to understanding dreams when she interpreted the one below, but you’ll be amazed at how skillfully she translates the picture language. And since this dream story from the beginning of the year, Brianna reports that she has continued to have incredible dreams with God, receiving His encouraging downloads of counsel and comfort while she sleeps.

Here’s to hearing from Heaven all day and all night!


Brianna Lapp

Dreaming with God

Hi Charity,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your heart on hearing God at night. I’ve spent years listening to God in my waking life, but I’ve dedicated very little time to thinking about how He continues to speak to us at night. I picked up one of your books at a conference—primarily to learn how to interpret my husband’s dreams, since he has such vivid and detailed dreams!

BUT as I was reading the book and taking to heart some of the practical tools you outlined, I started having—or maybe just recollecting—more dreams myself. It’s been so fun to dream with God and then awake and commune with Him for the interpretation.

I don’t remember the last time I felt this alive in my walk with Him! Thank you for stewarding your story, knowledge, and dreams and equipping others with the tools to hear from God and discern what He is saying. Forever grateful!

I just have to share one of the first impactful dreams I had following the conference in January…

Dream: My parents and I were on a road trip. The dream started as we were leaving a pile of our stuff by the side of the road. As we started to leave, I noticed a checkbook still on the ground and asked my parents if they wanted me to go back and get it. My dad said yes. When I went to get it, I saw a check made out to Brianna (me) and Madi. I hopped back in the passenger seat of the car; my dad was driving.

I asked my parents how to cash the check, since it was made out to people living in two different places. (We were driving through a canyon and around a corner when we were talking about this.) My mom was frustrated and said she couldn’t stand when people address checks together that are supposed to go two different places. Dad was more peaceful, and he just told me to cash the check and send Madi her portion. Then I woke up.

Action: Traveling, talking about a check

Emotion: Curiosity

Setting: In my waking life, I had been wrestling with unforgiveness toward a family member and asking the Lord what to do about it.

Interpretation: My family is leaving some past baggage behind as we move forward. But to do so well, Dad (who represents Father God), tells me to get the checkbook (to settle accounts). The check made out to me and Madi represented me uniting with being “mad” (unforgiveness) toward others. Mom (a full-time intercessor in real life) says she can’t stand when people unite with anger (essentially making it part of their identity).

While she says this, I notice we’re in a canyon (representing the walls I’ve put up between myself and others through unforgiveness) but about to turn a corner. Dad tells me to cash the check (acknowledge the ways I’ve united with anger) and then split it (sending unforgiveness away).

Three things I loved about the dream:

  1. It led me into joyful repentance. I felt no condemnation whatsoever!
  2. The date of the dream: I had the dream on 2/2/22. In the Bible, “2” represents unity and division – which doesn’t seem helpful until I realized that by uniting with anger, I was causing division in relationships. God has better things in store for us than that!
  3. It was so personal! My dad (on Earth) was the one who taught me how to use a checkbook and has always been the finances guy in our family. AND Father God is the One who taught/modeled to us how to forgive; He’s the forgiveness guy in our spiritual family! Loved those personal touches and how they translated to a broader truth/message.

Thanks again, Charity!




Way to go, Brianna! She did such a wonderful job flowing with Holy Spirit, happily deciphering the wordplay, and decoding the dream’s message. Her interpretation illustrated a foundational principle of dream work showing how symbols are personal to the dreamer.

The dream was also rich with metaphor, and the message spoke directly to the question on her mind and the waking world setting her heart was processing. Significantly, even though God was offering a word of correction in her vision of the night, no guilt wallowing was required. The dream, like Holy Spirit Himself, reveals but never condemns. The convicting message moved Brianna immediately to joyful repentance. So beautiful!

Dreams give us a glimpse into the spiritual realm where we can see our lives from a heavenly point of view. And as we gaze upon this “snapshot of the spirit” seeing what God sees, we will begin to feel how He feels. Those kingdom emotions then move us to take on godly responses and actions.

Brianna’s testimony is a perfect example of how simple – yet impactful – dream interpretation can be. When you work the principles, they will work for you!



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