100,000 Reasons to Be Thankful

I am so thankful for YOU: All 101,166 of you beautiful followers on Facebook. Glory Waves Ministries Facebook page has just reached a huge milestone and I wanted you to share in our celebration! It is truly an honor to now have over 100,000 of you dreamers and visionaries following the ministry online. We are so grateful for technology and social media to help us all stay connected – especially during this season of social distancing when we can’t be together in person – and we appreciate the opportunity to be a little part of your digital world.

If you haven’t joined us yet through Facebook or Instagram – please consider this your official invitation!

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We love sharing Scriptures, especially reminding you of God’s promises about angels, dreams and visions, and His sacred supernatural gifts. We post fun photos, keep you updated on events, and even do free giveaways. Come join the party!


5 Ways to Receive Dream Gifts

I’m also grateful because BeliefNet just posted an article I wrote on 5 Ways to Receive Spiritual Gifts Through Your Dreams. It’s exciting to see more and more people “waking up” to the spiritual reality of dreams and how God speaks through them all the time. Our heavenly Father loves us so much that He doesn’t limit Himself to daytime-only revelation. He overflows our dreams with His wisdom and counsel while we sleep too!

Instead of just half-heartedly wishing we might possibly receive His messages through our dreams, we can intentionally prepare to be part of the miracle. If you don’t know how to purposefully and proactively position yourself to hear from Heaven while you sleep, I encourage you to check out the article. We can receive Holy Spirit’s gifts all day long and all night long too – 24/7 connection with Him.

But maybe this all sounds a little too ambitious. A bit TOO spiritual perhaps. What if you never thought spiritual gifts were for you? If you’ve ever wondered what discerning of spirits or words of knowledge have to do with you and your family, your job and your 21st century everyday life, please check out my two-minute video intro on Overflow of the Spirit.

As you see, it’s not really about Holy Spirit’s gifts as much as it’s about intimacy with the Gift Giver. Walking in deeper fellowship and closer communion with God Himself? That is the reason for the season!


Christmas Blessings

And in honor of the season and this most wonderful time of the year, we invite you to use coupon code CHRISTMAS25 and receive a 25% discount off EVERYTHING on GloryWaves.org website!

Grab some resources for yourself and your loved ones and take advantage of the savings even on already-discounted items like packagesdownloads and our ever popular USB flash drives.

And don’t forget to check out our brand new training on Overflow of the Spirit! Give gifts that give life. Merry Christmas!


World Premiere Video Event Happening Now

From now until December 16th you are invited to participate in our free World Premiere Video Event on Overflow of the Spirit! Dad and I are teaching through all 12 chapters of our new book on releasing spiritual gifts, and we’d love for you to join us. And don’t worry if you’re just jumping into the series now as there will be a replay at the end for you to catch any sessions you missed or want to watch again.

We’re already begun receiving wonderful testimonies from this brand new teaching and we are thrilled to be able to sow this training as our free gift into your life. All of God’s gifts are available to all of God’s kids – and that includes YOU.

I know you will not only be inspired, but practically equipped and empowered to flow with Holy Spirit and His gifts at home, in school, on the job, and in your dreams too!


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